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Wish they wouldn't have discontinued the 214s. I think the next pair I might pick up are the blacksmiths.
4th anni for my IR's. I haven't exactly babied them either as they are my job site boots (I am a project manager for an architecture firm). Best boots I've ever owned.
sorry to bump a thread that is 3 years old, but does anyone have the 10" brown/brown bean boots??
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 What is currently the cheapest place to get Iron Rangers or any Red Wings for that matter? I got mine from Orvis for $175 back in the winter. Sadly, this offer is no longer in effect.
Quote: Originally Posted by spaceballs Not sure. My dealer charges $70 for every boot. It wouldn't surprise me if it really cost less than that. so a resoled pair would cost $140?
How long did you all's tongue tags last? I've been wearing mine a couple of days and they are already starting to fray and come apart from the stitching. Not a big deal, really. Just me being OCD.
Any sock suggestions? I'm looking for some navy/khaki/charcoal boot socks mid-weight. I also learned that I have a pretty collapsed right arch. Wore the boots for a couple of days and the left one fits like a dream but the right one was absolutely killing me through the ankle and arch. Kinda self-diagnosed just by really studying how the right foot sat on an extremely flat/hard surface. Put an orthotic arch insert into both boots and they feel a ton better... Would...
Wish they had Tall sizes.
Anyone know the difference between the clearance Harrington Jacket and the new one? Only thing I can see based on the pictures is that the new one looks to have more authentic Harrington pockets...
Just dropped $260 at the Bean... Knowing my luck they will drop another 30% coupon tomorrow morning.
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