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Saw this on eBay, would kop if 9-9.5UK :-(
Old Caruso, correct me if I'm wrong.
Was up last winter, might've kopped this if the shipping wouldn't hit me for obscene amounts. 100% cashmere, beaver-fur trimmed Dunhill overcoat.
Can we hold it off with the cross-posting?"Hey, I'm wearing C&J boots today, let's post shoe picture in the C&J thread and the in the boot-appreciation thread. Hey, tweed pants! Tweed appreciation thread as well. Pants are a recent purchase, let's post them in that thread!!! And WAYWRN, and in WAYWRN MC Casual, And WAYWRN Peacock!!!!!!"/rantoff
Authentic. Value? 600-800$ so or so.
Yesterday at the gym, still need more lat strength to be able to do decent working sets. Got to get me a pull-up bar at home. 44744 + 20 = 44764
They do have their McMansions though! Would kop if 40L.
Strongly supporting this. Will follow! Tom Ford-esque PRL/Corneliani 42L. Too big for me.
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