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Bill Amberg baby slings /would kop if baby on the way. Also, E Tautz = made by Cheser Barrie it seems.
Great price. Half a size too small, else I'd kop (and sell my other pair...).
47047 + 30 = 47077
Retail on those are crazy. Somewhere near 1100-1200$?Got last years variant, tan wholecut boot with commando soles and fur lining on upper shaft. Awesome quality. 189€ is a steal, I would patina the puke-coloured uppers and wear them with joy if they were my size.
Kopped - due to training, Idon't really smoke anything other than cigarillos - but this'll be decadently exquisite.
Baller Oxxford suit, 42R, peak lapels, lilac window pane
Umirin' The Angered Gnome Epitaf(ph) Pilgrims
A cardigan?
Get the reduced (Automatic). Great watch.
RLPL-ad much?Seriously great clapeyron.Orgasm for the eye.
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