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It's real - but also quite old.
Those boots, in 9F UK, is what I need.
My other orange-sock lined Santoni FAM's are marked 9.5 F, and lord are they huge (last+ half a size too large.). They where bought here in Europe.PM that guy who has the large Santoni LE collection, he probably knows more.
If they're bought in the US (Nordstroms or so), they will be marked with US sizes.My Keenan (tan w/ antiqued toe) says 9.5 D and they fit my 9.5/10USD feet well. MSRP of 1299$ or something, great boots.
Start focusing on strength and endurance rather than size. Go searching for drop-8 or even drop-9 (never seen an OTR drop larger than 8, though I don't live in the USA so YMMV), try on a size 44 or something. Else - go MTM. or go back to /f/t or shitty reddit and dress casually until you can afford MTM or bespoke.
My size.. Tempted.. Grab it before I change my mind!!
Not just so sure on the no cap-toe boot, else I'd've bought them a long time ago.
Nice, sober, soporific RLPL pants @ an amazing price Cheap LP leather jacket Sutor Mantellassi cashmere slippers
zzZZZzzzThe world is larger than Anglo-Americosphere.
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