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Did I miss something? Grail St. Crispins US8 boots ending in 2h42m.
More autumn/fall setup of this variant.
I believe he tilts them on the mannequin, that or it's the shoulders of the mannequin. 0 negative feedback of 2.2k feedbacks received, plus they're all recent. I do part time at a tailor so I can remove excessive padding at reduced cost if need be. ^ Look at the inside label, recent are from ~05 and up, old ones have a more linen/hemp texture to them. If they're tagged as Collezione 2012, they probably are S/S '12. Think I saw a "Jacketinabox"-jacket in there..
Yep. Not many staples in his inventory, most of the items he has are wild and out there - or just fuddy duddy. [[SPOILER]] All @ heavily reduced sale/outlet prices.
+ 1 Belvest suit, two Belvest sport coats (100%'shmere). Two Raffaele Caruso SP sport coats. All NWT.
A seller of that magnitude probably has hundreds of daily ebay email searches coming in, let alone a full time employee looking for bargains to be resold. He might lurk here (though I guess he/she would be looking for brand information/MSRP/quality/sellability), sure, but he most likely found it through other means.
It's his business, it's a free market, what's douchey about that? It' s like an art dealer buying a damaged Fabergé item at an auction in Boston, then selling it at Sotheby's (larger audience/clientele) for a chance of a profit. Using other's pictures without permission though, not so nice of him.
Cheap AS lazy-man shoes, UK12E
A suit drop is the difference in chest size vs waist size. Higher drop = more athletic silhouette. Normal is 6-7", sack suits are 4-5", athletic are 8-9".
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