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Why would a company create a fused sport coat in super 150's? Baffles my mind! (Pretty certain that it is fused, company's name is "Raoul".) Worth a purchase? 20$ at a thrift store.
Tighten the nots a wee bit more Mbrenin and Holdfast, try not to show any collar above the knot.
How does the * 341 last fit (suede)? 8.5 might be a wee bit small and a 9UK a wee bit big.. I fit into 9.5USD but the only 8.5UK shoe I have is a Bally moccasin which is tight! A Westfield*
Suit is in need of a pressing/steaming, pants needs to be let out. Suit: Corneliani, Super 100's Shirt: Ralph Lauren Tie: Pierre Balmain Shoes: Santoni FAM Briefcase: Inherited from grand mother Watch: Certina PS: Sulka
I just grabbed these suede CJ's from the bay, and I was wondering if any of you can point me to a good suede shampoo? Also - would the stains go out with the shampoo? Seller says he is selling them due to wrong sizing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dar FTW i'm starting dschool this fall as well. are you going to school in the states? on another note, i'm finally realizing the financial commitment i'm about to make...nyu=70k/year in tuition(living expenses not included)x4 years=FML Sweden! Karolinska Institute or Sahlgrenska Academy, or Umeå University in the spring of 2012. Also applying for veterinary medicine and several medical schools, though I will...
Free bump for this lovely price, too bad I don't live in the US!
I'm going to dentist school this fall, will be some tough years but well worth it! Will probably move to the UK due to the high wages for dentists there, work for a few year, move back to Sweden and raise up the kids! Will perhaps go into private practice later in life.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE you're married in college? 99 problems... Slang on my part, I'm no hillbilly! High school! Dentist school this fall though!
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