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The depth and richness in that blue... truly biblical!
Carroll Co. 41R cashmere SC Seller has some 39-40R RLPL suits for sale. Vass Chukkas UK10 eu 44 Loro Piana ski-coat,...
Do an MRI and a CAT-scan.Just to make sure..
Holy shit I need these in my life. How much where they/how long was the wait?Gorgeous!
Would be hit with customs and fees :/
Same seller has a black Loro Piana raincoat in Large kop the first one if it was within the EU.
Whole suit even!Also, my mind did not compute your request for the sellers name. I thought, somehow, that you asked if I could query the seller to allow a PSA.Just purchased this as well..
I hope they're making fun of one of their colleagues who stood by them once, or something like that.. Don't really see the appeal of clip-ons other than to stir up a mess in the sartorial debate, soon we'll be seeing book binder shoes and polyester ties worn ironically by the sartorial elite. Got to keep changing it up, making the bucks, you know?
Done.Also, kopped this today.NW(/out attached - unhemmed pants)T RLBL, 40R, pinstripe. No idea how RLBL fit my body (semi-body builderish 40R/L), it may end up on B&S.On an other note - losing wieght is 'effing expensive..
I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling that he doesn't want to go big. I'll ask.
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