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Avel = Saphir, parental company or something like that.
If they fit and look good on you, sweet! They aren't of any greater quality though, nothing you would buy if you've gotten the X-%-off-retail-disease.Bianco Brioni fall in the same quality bracket as Borelli, Borreli, Burba, Ralph Luren and the likes. It's just a big hoax.
Easter egg hunting with my siblings (brother dressed as a witch/transvestite), 10 years ago or so. Forgot to tuck away the tie under the collar, but that's was probably how I rolled back then
I'm interested This just needs more time to get replies. We should be able to scramble up 10-15 guys fairly swiftly. Some mad pants I tell you!
Might be NOS, scripture seems similar to older Zegna labels.
CB stuff is where the best deals are to be made, great quality at superb prices. Depending on pictures and prices, I may be interested.
Awesome shoes, even better the price!
Not sure about the colour combination, but the waist on those are exquisite! Too big for me, else I would've written a submission of sorts. Nice initiative though!
+ you're a swede that digs Roxy Music, even more awesome!
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