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2824 + 30 = 2854
Belvest has become my go-to brand for both suits and more casual sport coats. The gorgeous fabrics, lightly padded shoulders and the smooth, and I do mean smooth, silhouette really makes them something SF should embrace more than they have so far. Some whacky fabrics, sure, but there's plenty to choose from. I'll be dropping some fits of my coats when the weather clears a bit (-15 degrees C currently). Quality? JUST a notch below Brioni, steps above Caruso/Chester...
2469+40 = 2509
Not digging the shoes, pants and overcoat are underbara though!
I'm 6'1 and on my 40R NWT RLBL, the sleeves are just right/half an inch too long, the jacket length (or more specifically, the vent length/depth) is on the edge of too short. Sleeve lengthening is most likely a non-issue, coat lengthening is another deal. See Despos' post here -
Rollable "Nomad" from Lock Co. keeps me dry and warm during the major part of the year here in Sweden. More form than function. Goes well with my Beaufort, Conistons and a par of jeans. Hardly anyone wears hats around here - if they do, it's mostly MLP-dudes or hillbillies. Being in my early 20's, I hesitated for a while but bought it when winter hit hard. Brush it when it gets dirty, shrug the snow/rain off it, mostly keep it in the hat shape.
A lot of norfolk jackets. With shawl lapels or some crazy shit like quilted details, croc details, spaced out pocket configurations..
Buyers beware! In all likelihood, those are not made by C&J. CT shoes are made by Loake, in this case to 1880-standards. Pully tab in leather rather than canvas, seams in general and the stubbier last are tell-tale signs that it's a "fake"/copy/what have you. Retail is somewhere around 200£, solid boots, but not the Conistons we all love.
Awesome prices here. My size, alas - I'm not in the vicinity of the Americas
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