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10655 + 50 two days ago + 50 today = 10755
Passar den så köp, 3tkr är inga pengar alls för en sådan vass kostym om skicket är som utsatt. Tyget är något som man bör ha i garderoben - går ihop med mycket.
Belvest makes some under the name "Jacket in a box".
JUST a .5 of a size too small. Blast!
As said above, LabelKing, Lapo, Barims, Butler - the likes, people who really have a sense of personal style. Who owe up to it, not just dandying/peacocking about with silly colours. The ones who are lightyears ahead of style in the sense #menswear define style/rules.Not fashion per se, but the tip of the style community.
I have a heather/mint green one which is too large now, but it really goes well with loads of stuff. Great sweater!
Alfred Sargent
Theme-tune to go with it.
Funky shoes for your wife. Santoni, floral, heels..
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