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Mint Carmina 10UK chukkas 100£ OBO
I've begun to amass a small collection of Belvest, both fabric and silhouette is spot on. Getting a shipment of linen summer wear today, let's hope they fit as well as the wool/cashmere ones.
62L Zegna tuxedo.
US or UK9?
I have the first in brown, truly an awesome jacket. My size and all..
Pinctada maxima MOP.
Well, there's JL that's made in France and in Italy. Don't see why sleek loafers couldn't be blake/rapid just because of their JL brand on it (outsourced most likely).
Great for the shorter 40-guys. Blue - / - Beige DB odd brushed cotton jackets. 20/30 BID/BIN.
11331 + 30 = 11361
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