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How could I forget that. 42 reg, son!
Just throwing this out there because I know you guys have hella stocks. I'm looking for a solid blue suit, 2 button, flat front, fully canvassed (if possible). I ruined the pants on my Canali suit. If you've got something. GET AT A BROTHA! EDIT: 42 Reg!
Totally ruined in my navy canali suit so I'm looking for something to replace it with. 2 button, flat front, fully canvassed and recent. Let me know what you've got!
I've been looking for something like this... Not a thrift but I kopped this warlock on flea-bay a little while ago. Silk bill/document holder, BNWT 29 bones.
I've been trying to get a hold of Chris to order a briefcase but I haven't heard back. OP, are you still in touch with him?
I called in my order to have it drop shipped to Niagara Fall, NY. The guy on the phone gave me the full price but I told him the website had it for 40 bucks. He put me on hold and gave me the new total. Holla!
Did anyone get a 9.5 in walnut?
Daamn they won't ship them to Canada since the stock is low. I'm on hold with them... Can someone in the US kop for me? 9.5D Walnut PLEEEEEEZE!
I'd be down for a meetup.
Had a little haul yesterday. A local high-end clothing shop closed down and someone I know bought all the remaining stock. He let me kop some stuff in my size on the cheap All BNWT, except a little scuff on the kicks. D&G dress pants D&G swim trunks Copply unconstructed wool/silk/linen blazer Ties (Zenga & Boss) Boss Orange t-shirts J. Lindeberg lavender suede shoes #GetTheTheraFlu /700
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