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Since we're on the topic of skinhead girls I thought I'd post this pic. Not really sure if its, 60s or 80s new breed. What I found more interesting are the lose fitting pants held up only by the braces. Was it common for originals to wear their pants intentionally larger so as to make the braces more functional rather than just ornamental? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Speaking of what to wear under a crombie coat, were ties ever common wear for original skinheads under their crombie besides a silk scarf? I don't recall ever seeing pictures of originals wearing ties under a crombie. Also were there other types of overcoats besides the crombie style that were ever worn by originals? What about an "inverness cape?"
Brings back memories of my time in the service, running around in boots, road marches and all, perfect way to break them in but blisters galore at the end of each day. I was greatful for a pair of Danner desert boots in the sandbox for a change, to this day still the most comfortable boots I've ever worn.The DM company advertises their MIE vintage line as "original specs," but did the DMs back then have softer leather? The quality of the leather aside, is today's "vintage"...
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try that one.
Thanks.I figured as much. Brogues are easier more convenient to shine. Personally I keep one pair of boots in shit order and the other more parade style for looking smart. Just a habit I guess.About breaking in your new docs. Have you tried stepping in a bucket of warm water and wearing them all day to soften up the leather? I find that helps.
Yes all the effort to spit shine only to crack as soon as you take your first steps. I've given up spit shining the entire boot to a high finish altogether. Only some areas of the boots where the wax is not likely to crack like the tips and the back portion.I have heard that very few originals actually took the time to polish their boots only on ocassions when visiting clubs did most make an effort. Boots for the most part were street wear and were treated as such. But...
I've noticed that when polishing the vintage MIE's the wax tends to crack and flake off much faster than in my other boots. I have a habit of 'bulling' the boot to a glossy finish. In the military I was always taught to burn the wax with a lighter until it liquifies which makes the wax embed itself quicker into the leather and takes care of some of the inevitable flaking. However the wax still tends to flake off sooner or later. Then again my mie 1490s have a hard leather...
Little Yobbo
No one's mentioned Angelus shoe polish? Waxes to a glossy finish faster than kiwi does. Granted, before switching to Angelus, kiwi was the only polish I've ever used. But I'm sold on Angelus. One of these days I'll have to try the other ones you mentioned.
Camouflage Harringtons anyone? Strange I posted this same question earlier and somehow ended up in the denim discussion board for some reason. So here goes again. My apologies if its been discussed before in this now labyrinthian discussion board, but I recently ran into this camouflage harrington from hammersmith clothing, Carl Templar's clothing line from the Oi band The Templars. It runs from $30-$50. Pretty good deal imho. My question is how do you original...
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