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Actually at the opening ceremony of the Olympics they briefly played "A Message To you Rudy" for maybe about two seconds. Just the opening line "Stop your messing around.."
Yes I am Brownie.Soundspressure, thanks for that bit of info. I must say those Loake Brighton Loafers look pretty good. Which is what drew me to the Delicious Junctions which has a similar look. I just can't find loafers of similar design at most stores here in the states. But the Loakes are a bit pricier at £145.00 here compared to £74.99 for the DJ loafers at theAdaptor clothing website, factoring in the dollar exchange rate of course.Btw...
Does anyone own a pair of tassel loafers from Delicious Junction? What's been your experience with them? Are their sizes pretty standard or do you find yourself sizing up or down when buying a pair of loafers in general? They can be ordered from Adaptor Clothing and available in UK sizes which is 1 size down from US sizes.  
Nice smart looking suit there. I met with Jason the other week to get measured for a similar style and color. He was very helpful. I'm going to order mine sometime next week. Can't wait to get it.
Can't speak for Florida, but LA has a pretty warm climate, not as warm as Florida, but warm. Obviously you can't wear crombies all the time here, where even a light FP sweater can become uncomfortable throughout the day. (we've had an especially warm winter this year) I personally look forward to cold weather as it gives me a reason to wear my best skinhead clobber. In LA imo we're not blessed with a climate for good skinhead fashion, those being designed for chilly...
Thanks for that bit of info Jason. For years I had stopped buying STF and had only recently bought a new pair and was surprised how loose fitting it was even after so many washes. Now I know.As for braces, I'm of the same opinion on them, both functional and fashion statement.
Good point on the shrink to fits. Is it just me or are the shrink to fits nowadays looser fitting than before and wider legged too? Comparing my more recent shrink to fits to my older shrink to fits it seems like the more recent ones tend to fit looser and wider at the legs too, no matter how many times you wash them. Not that I'm complaining. It was discussed before, original skinheads preferred to wear their jeans baggier than 80s skinheads. and I must confess in my...
For me personally, braces have a more functional appeal as much as fashion, as my jeans tend to fit loose at the waste, I prefer braces over belts to keep them up and as mentioned before, it makes the lose trousers hang better when wearing a jacket.On more self supporting trousers, I don't even bother wearing braces.
I can honestly say now I've seen everything. Skinhead clobber on EMO. What's next? crombies, and brogues on chavs?
In the 90s I often saw braces hanging down when wearing tennis shirts (polos) But I must say I've never seen "emo" hair on a skinhead before.
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