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I seem to recall there was a discussion about white shirts on here awhile back. Any white shirt would suffice though Van Heusen was also popular.
Can't go wrong with this site. The best skinhead discussion board anywhere online.When you say redboots I'm going to assume you mean oxblood color? Solovair is the way to go.
They're called "Ugg" boots and you're right girls wear them year round here in scorching hot Los Angeles too.
There's a discussion on relco staprest here they also fit pretty slim
Saving money to buy the nicest smartest shirts only makes me look forward to the next pay check. But buying from pay check to pay check aint exactly easy.
too bad the one on the left is sold out. I dont own a Brutus JTG or MR, most of my short sleeve bd's are BS, and I'm still trying to make up my mind which one of those to get. Comparing prices MR is definately the most expensive but reading the last post I guess its well worth the price.
Some shoes labeled "made in Italy" may have in fact been only partially assembled there while about 70% of the work was done in China. To make it technically "Made in Italy" the finishing work was done in Italy like etching a brand logo on the soles or something like that. I suspect the same of certain "Made in the USA" labeled athletic shoes like New Balance.When companies like FP, and DMs move production out of England, does it necessarily have to mean a decline in...
Ah ok. So technically not so much a fake as they are non licenced.
And imho, that's where Warrior Clothing gets it right. They may not be as old the FP brand, but they've pretty kept thier prices reasonable.Since we're on the subject. Has anyone bought or considered buying fake FPs? From what I've seen on the internet some are so good its hard to tell a fake from an original.
Thats what I was about to ask. Do most of them even know where they're lifting the style from? My guess is probably not.
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