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Like this? Someone's probably posted these pictures on here before. But here they are anyway.This latter picture looks like late 70s to 80s to me. Bootboy look with the flared trousers.The trouser length on the first pic would be considered short by today's standards imo.When I had my own trousers shortened to reflect a more skinhead esthetic the tailor gave me a very puzzled look because he told me that having a "break" or 'fold" at the hem was normal.And not like this:...
Nice. Unfortunately Allen Edmonds are way above my price range. Maybe someday.Anyway this may have been discussed in the past. So the question my be a recycle. But when it comes to trouser length for you original blokes how long was too long or how short was too short at the hem in the late 60s/early 70s? Did you hem your trousers at varying lengths depending on the type of shoes worn or boots? Pictures of originals seem to favor short trousers with socks showing, almost...
If ironing is not your thing, you can take your jeans to the dry cleaners where they can steam press it. I did that only once to one of my stf 501s because I didn't want to throw it in the washing machine and fade out the dark indigo color, I got it back with sharp creases the crease marks are still visible now that its completely faded andthat was 4 years ago.
apparently ironing jeans and even starching them is a growing fad not just among some skinheads, but among normals too:
They were bidding for a pair on ebay but its ended
Brownie, I suppose the dm brogue shoes are nice, but personally I prefer long wing shoes with leather soles and no yellow stichings. The latter just defeats the purpose of wearing smart dress shoes imo. The yellow stichings just reminds me of a pair of boots for kicking around in. I personally prefer either loake royals or a pair of floresheim kenmoors. Floresheims are much more affordable though, and they do make decent classic long wings. What does everyone think of...
One thing about undershirts is yes they look unsightly under a button down, but this is fixed with a V neck undershirt.I've never known anyone to wear one with a tennis shirt. But in the summer months excessive sweating can ruin an otherwise fine button down polly cotton with unsightly sweat under the arms and the back, so sometimes an undershirt is a necessary evil with them
Maybe he meant leather laces with this?:
Out of topic. But is it just me or is this site having some technical difficulties? Since yesterday I've been getting an error message whenever I try to load an image to the forum, "There was a problem submitting this to the server. Please try again." Anyone else getting this same error message?
This is true. For the most part I've never seen anyone below 30 dress the part. Those of us who got into the skinhead scene in the late 80s and early 90s are now almost 40 and ocassionally you'll see one dress really smart adopting the more age appropriate and subtle aspects of the skinhead clobber and you immediately recognize what he is. The ocassional nod and the subtle nuances that only skineads can recognize.
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