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I know Reggae/Ska has been discussed before in this forum, but this last thing I heard was just too dumb and too good to pass up and I file it under the dumbest thing I heard for the day. I was just debating early skinhead music with a poster in another unrelated site: and he says that, wait for it, "Reggae isn't much thought of) in the skinhead culture, especially in the UK and is a different musical genre." I dont know what this guy was smoking, but I want some. lol
Agreed 100%. Btw I'm listening to Sam Cooke right now.
Well southerners would take offense at being called "yank." Since some of them are still brooding over losing the American civil war."
Just to add my opinion. Been awhile since I've been here. Really surprised how race and politics got mixed up in this otherwise informative discussion board about sartorial sense.Its all a matter of context and the history behind those terms. "Paki" "Chink" "Nigger" "Jap" or "Yid" were historically used for derogatory purposes, whereas "Yank" or "Brit" didn't have the same connotation and they don't provoke the same emotions of lynchings, or slavery (especially for...
Looking sussed as usual Jason.
Personally I like the JTG shirts and well worth the price of shipping it across the pond.I've never had a shirt custom made, but I would imagine its time consuming and its costly. The askmen site advertised that you can get a custom made shirt for $50 Unfortunately the offer ended.
Looks good. Personally I don't mind the collar at all on the MR shirts.
Interrestingly enough across the pond the term 'skinhead' had an entirely different meaning in the 60s. It was just another term either derogatory or a term of endearment for US Marines.
I think someone here mentioned that in the days when long hair was the norm, even hair shaved to as short as a number 5 (which doesn't usually show scalp) would have been considered extreme. I mean correct me if I'm wrong. Nowadays the extreme 'skinhead' interpretation when the term is taken literally by shaving even the stubbles after a buzz cut would probably have shocked back then, but no one would bat an eye lid now. I think the overall traditional smart skinhead with...
speaking of insults from the general public, I've been called "Urkel" a few times by little kids when I was in school because of the braces, buttondowns and the short trousers. I don't know how familiar you Brits are with American sitcoms, but he was an annoying character from a show called Family Matters which aired from 1989 to 1998. Here's a picture of Urkel. I swear if I didn't know any better I'd say the producers of this show nicked a bit of the skinhead style.
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