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Clouseau, were there any other particular French brands that the French skinhead scene adopted as part of their fashion identity? I'm referring to another iconic brand like Lacoste. Like FP it has a very recognizable brand. Was that alligator brand much sought after by any other French mod or skinheads or any other French youth subculture equivalent?
Sounds familiar.
Well none of the so-called "hipsters" today look like this I can tell you that much:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hipster_(1940s_subculture)
That's how its always been I suppose. That term has pretty much become a knee-jerk reaction in the media. Nevermind the fact that, none of them could really be called "skinheads" to begin with.
Out of curiosity why the sudden turnaround by FP to acknowledge the historic link between the brand and skinheads? On a related topic, has anyone seen this?http://www.france24.com/en/20130607-skinhead-linked-paris-death-clement-meric-fred-perry-connection/
Jump the Gun sta-prests are reasonably priced, but Relcos are more affordable.Brogues and loafers look best with sta-prests, and its pretty much been established that a pair of loake royals are much desired. As for socks I don't really think there are any rules. Overall fashion rules for men seem to be that sock colors have to match your trousers, but in alot of old pictures I've seen of suedes and skins, bright colored socks are prominently worn. Orange and red appear to...
Honestly, I don't see the "second age of nudity" ever changing, atleast not any time soon and I'll be the first to bend the rules of appearance by wearing my house clothes when making a quick errand to the corner store, whereas people a long time ago would have probably gotten dressed. What I find interesting is, that in the 19th century and even old pictures from the 1920s 30s and 40s men always wore hats it was considered part of a suit back then I believe, now, not so...
Yankmod, that's also one of the reasons why I've tightly hung on to the smart traditional skin/suede fashion, partly in protest of the crap around me.Glad to see I'm not alone in feeling this way.
cerneabbas, I'm the same. I try to keep my wardrobe as traditionally skinhead/suedehead/mod updated to the 21st century (if that even makes sense).I can't count the number of times I've heard people say "why are you so dressed up for?" When did wearing a pair of something as simple as fitted staprests, loafers and a FP tennis shirt become considered "all dressed up?" Wasn't there a time when they were only considered casual? Mind you that is only a normal summer wear,...
Question for the non-American posters on the site: Although it may not seem like the question has anything to do with traditional skinhead fashion, it does. I was just reading an article online that generally speaking Americans are considered the worst dressed people in the western world. By worst dressed the article stated slovenly and lazily dressed. GQ magazine voted the city where I'm from Los Angeles as the country's second worst dressed city. As an insider I can...
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