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Devoa Cotton Trousers Size 1 (tagged size 1 but they fit more like a size 2/3. Waist measures 43cm.) These have been very lightly worn over the past couple of years, condition of them is 8/10. Only thing wrong with them is the trademark Devoa zipper pull has come off and been lost. Price $200---->$175, because of shipping costs I can discount to the UK.
price dropppppppppppp
price droppppppppppp
Price droppppppppp
Price droppppppppppppppppp
Devoa destroyed silk trousers size 1 The best trousers Devoa put out last Autumn/Winter, I am probably going to regret selling them but I havent worn them for a while so going to let them go. Condition of them is 9/10. Price $375 ----> $240---->$190
Jil Sander for Uniqlo +J Suit. Size small I cant remember what year this is from or what it is made of. From memory I think it some sort of water resistant material. Worn a few times by me, condition of it is 8.5/10. Price $125 >$90
Pretty sure these were from 2012? Worn only a handful of times, condition is 9/10. Price $125---->$90
I bought these off Y earlier on in the year so unsure what season they are from. At a guess I would say S/S12? Condition of them is 7.5/10. Price:$200. Because of shipping costs I will be able to discount to the UK.
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