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Yarn dyed linen trousers, size 1. Cut slightly slimmer than past iterations so less hip flare. I have hardly worn them - condition of them is easily 9/10. Only thing wrong with them is the trademark devoa zip pull has come off and been lost, the zip still works perfectly though. Waist: 38 cm Retailed at ink for $909, here for $350 >$275 https://www.ink-clot...ER-2013/id=1520
ridiculous final price droppppppppp
price droppppppppppp
price droppppppppppp
Price droppppppppppppp
Price droppppppppppppppp
I would keep this but it is slightly too small for me, condition is 8/10. Measurements: Shoulders:40cm Chest 46cm Length:64cm $220 > $190 >$150!!!!!!! >$130!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KKA Knit jacket size 1 Lightly worn over the past few years, condition is a solid 7/10. $300 >$270 > $240 >$160!!!!!!!!
Final price drop
Price dropppppppppppppppppppp
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