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Has anyone had any luck locating the Westbourne outside of Crockett and Jones stores? I was in T&A in NYC today and found them for $525 + Tax. I know Plal doesn't stock these. I love the shoe but can't seem to find it at a lower price. I really do like the last. For those of you who have the 348 last how do you like the Hallam or the Croydon? I didn't get a chance to try these on. I really do like the last since I have smallish feet ~6.5E in english size. Thanks...
This thread may be useful: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=7269
recommend looking at this site: http://groups.msn.com/thewetshaversgroup I use the lavender by T&H. I also enjoy Trumpers rose. Yes, high priced shaving creams are really worth it with proper wetshaving techniques. Also, highly advise going against the grain with sensitive skin. Do one pass with the grain, relather and do another pass across the grain. Check out the site, it is invaluable.
Hi, I am currious if anyone has had an experience with Bermini Custom Tailors in NYC. I stumbled upon their website and was interested. I couldn't seem to find any posts about them on SF. Thanks for the help!
Please, who makes the three shoes in the above pictures? In Abalo and aportnoy's posts
What is the general price range of his RTW work?
Do they offer a catalog? I will be traveling to Milan in about 2 months and would like to stop by. What is the difference between the shop and the Laboratory? Thanks
Any suggestions? I am looking for someone in the downtown area. The last post about this was in 2004...so maybe someone has found a good tailor in that time. Thanks.
After trying the pants on a few more times, I have come to realize that the first photo I posted isn't the best. I should probably iron the front of the slacks to get rid of the creases that occured when I was sitting at my desk. However, I did get some good feedback from you guys. These pants were custom made, and they were my first order. We are still working out the kinks. For the next pair of slacks I order what do you recommend I change? Drop the waist for...
New Posts  All Forums: