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"Tuesday through Thursday, luxe Italian designer Domenico Vacca will be cutting prices significantly on men's wear and accessories. Domenico Vacca - 14 E 60th nr Madison - Suite 900 - 10am-6pm daily - 212-920-1211 " Going to check it out today, I'll let you know if it is worth it.
Sale runs for a week in NYC Barker Black this Tuesday through next Wednesday, 3/18, for 50% off dress shoes. Barker Black - 198 B Elizabeth St between Prince & Spring - 212-966-2166
I like the elongated shape of the shoe you get with the 348 last from C&J. I already have a Chelsea in the RM Williams. I'll look into a burgundy thanks for the recommendation. Any specific shoes anyone would recommend? Thanks!
I wanted to branch out in my shoe collection and wanted to get some opinions on what to buy next. Current shoes (size ~7-7.5): - Calzoleria Harris Executive in Black (first shoe purchase was at Barney's) - C&J Westbourne in Chestnut (second shoe purchase through Plal) - C&J Tetbury in Brown Antique Nubuck (third shoe purchase through Plal) - C&J Highbury in Black (fourth shoe purchase through Plal) - RM Williams Craftsman Yearling in Chestnut (fifth shoe...
I know it isn't a messenger bag, but now i am partial to this one
Hey Guys, Trying to find a great, versatile messenger bag that I can throw over my shoulder to go to work, take with me when I make quick trips up to Boston and take with me to the library/park on the weekend. Requirements: -Brown -Probably leather (open to other materials though) Here are some ideas I have: Fossil: Here Fossil (several): Here JCrew: Here JCrew 2: Here Thanks for the help!
Thought I would revive the topic. I have had custom made suits made by Astor & Black (which were neither durable nor fit as promissed) in the past. I now live in NYC and want to get one made here. I have been told / read here that Alan David, LS and Mr. Ned are pretty good choices. Can I get an opinion? I am going for a more European/English look, not American. I am really looking for the best value for my money and a place that I can become confortable...
Are you serious dude? Get a life. It's a board. No need to draw conclusions on someone's entire life. Try do be less of a d!ck next time. Check his "*"...look like he did do a search... Thank you.
Is that all there worth mentioning? Was thinking of checking it out tomorrow.
How about size 38 suits? Should I even bother if I am looking for 2 basic 38 suits and a few trousers?
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