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Let us know how it turned out. I'm also doing a similar trip (going to HK for one full week) and want to make the most of the trip.
"Tuesday through Thursday, luxe Italian designer Domenico Vacca will be cutting prices significantly on men's wear and accessories. Domenico Vacca - 14 E 60th nr Madison - Suite 900 - 10am-6pm daily - 212-920-1211 " Going to check it out today, I'll let you know if it is worth it.
Sale runs for a week in NYC Barker Black this Tuesday through next Wednesday, 3/18, for 50% off dress shoes. Barker Black - 198 B Elizabeth St between Prince & Spring - 212-966-2166
I like the elongated shape of the shoe you get with the 348 last from C&J. I already have a Chelsea in the RM Williams. I'll look into a burgundy thanks for the recommendation. Any specific shoes anyone would recommend? Thanks!
I wanted to branch out in my shoe collection and wanted to get some opinions on what to buy next. Current shoes (size ~7-7.5): - Calzoleria Harris Executive in Black (first shoe purchase was at Barney's) - C&J Westbourne in Chestnut (second shoe purchase through Plal) - C&J Tetbury in Brown Antique Nubuck (third shoe purchase through Plal) - C&J Highbury in Black (fourth shoe purchase through Plal) - RM Williams Craftsman Yearling in Chestnut (fifth shoe...
I know it isn't a messenger bag, but now i am partial to this one
Hey Guys, Trying to find a great, versatile messenger bag that I can throw over my shoulder to go to work, take with me when I make quick trips up to Boston and take with me to the library/park on the weekend. Requirements: -Brown -Probably leather (open to other materials though) Here are some ideas I have: Fossil: Here Fossil (several): Here JCrew: Here JCrew 2: Here Thanks for the help!
Thought I would revive the topic. I have had custom made suits made by Astor & Black (which were neither durable nor fit as promissed) in the past. I now live in NYC and want to get one made here. I have been told / read here that Alan David, LS and Mr. Ned are pretty good choices. Can I get an opinion? I am going for a more European/English look, not American. I am really looking for the best value for my money and a place that I can become confortable...
Are you serious dude? Get a life. It's a board. No need to draw conclusions on someone's entire life. Try do be less of a d!ck next time. Check his "*"...look like he did do a search... Thank you.
Is that all there worth mentioning? Was thinking of checking it out tomorrow.
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