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I have about 10 or so shirts from Chan, in addition to a number of suits, that I have acquired over the past 2 years. I have not experienced any shrinkage (they pre wash the fabric prior to being cut). I always wash in cold water and hang dry. I find them to be of great quality. Sometimes the buttons come loose - but I believe this is due to the chicken foot sewing technique they use. I have spoken to them about this and the buttons are now sewn on much better. On one...
I've also had a bad experience with L&S. They basically made a shirt of mine unwearable after alterations. In fact, I am trying to find a tailor to fix the denting/dimpling of the sleeve heads of a blazer I own (originally altered by L&S). Funny how the more you browse/view styleforum, the more tweaks you need made! The customer service at L&S is good but overpriced. I also have had mixed results with George's European Tailor (80th and Lex). He did an OK job...
Love Dornbluth, seriously considering putting in an order for the 99.3 or 99.4 in stainless steel. I'd go with second strap from left. Also, not crazy about the white stitching on the strap.
Cucinelli Sale through Friday. I called today and they said it prices will be 80% the tag on Friday (currently 40-60% down). Plan on making a stop over tomorrow. Anyone been yet? Details below: Brunello Cucinelli Sale – 150 E. 58th St btw 3rd & Lex – 3rd Fl – 212-750-2990 – 9am-5pm Daily
Just called since I was ordering some polishes. Code is ASKANDY (in all caps).
Can anyone comment on SHS's post about using an oil to care for your soles?
Thought it might be worthwhile resurrecting this post as I have an additional question. To answer the OPs post: I recently used Madame Paulette for one of my Chan's. I was at a wedding and a waiter dropped a bowl of ice cream on the back of my jacket. Cost was $50 for the dry cleaning. I was pleased with the results. The lapel roll looks just like it did the day I took delivery of the suit in HK. My standard maintenance is the brush my suits and hang. I rarely dry...
Nick, Figured this might fit under this thread. In the picture, are these taps extinct as well? Or are they part of the Cats Paw heel? I took this photo from ACL article from Monday: looks like a shop in Japan called Brass Tokyo puts them on their re-sole jobs. Are you able to get your hands on them? If so, I'd be interested. Thanks.
Loro Piana sale at Soiffer Haskin through this Thursday. Apparently there will be some bolts of fabric as well. If anyone has been love to hear about the selection.
This happened to my RMWs as well. It was actually due to my negligence for not cleaning up a salt stain on the side of the boots that dried the leather out. I brought them to Nick (B Nelson/VIP) over on 53rd and Lex and he did a fantastic job minimizing the damage/spreading of the cracks. I’d let him take a look and see what he can do.
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