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Nick, Figured this might fit under this thread. In the picture, are these taps extinct as well? Or are they part of the Cats Paw heel? I took this photo from ACL article from Monday: looks like a shop in Japan called Brass Tokyo puts them on their re-sole jobs. Are you able to get your hands on them? If so, I'd be interested. Thanks.
Loro Piana sale at Soiffer Haskin through this Thursday. Apparently there will be some bolts of fabric as well. If anyone has been love to hear about the selection.
This happened to my RMWs as well. It was actually due to my negligence for not cleaning up a salt stain on the side of the boots that dried the leather out. I brought them to Nick (B Nelson/VIP) over on 53rd and Lex and he did a fantastic job minimizing the damage/spreading of the cracks. I’d let him take a look and see what he can do.
Here is a post from my experience in HK with Chan. If it helps, we have since refined the pattern and I've ordered 2 more suits from him, a blazer and a few shirts. As far as shirts are concerned, it took until the 3rd shirt to get it 100% right, but now it is really right and worth the effort to get there. My first suit was a VBC Navy blue that Arnold recommened ($~1,250 or so) 2nd was a H&S mid grey worsted (~10oz, forget the book, ~$1,700) 3rd is also a H&S in a PoW,...
Looking for a new one. They are sold out everywhere. Thanks. http://www.filson.com/products/cover...lla.69009.html
FYI Allen Edmonds is having a sale on Swims. They have the black ones up on their website for $69 but no brown. I called in to inquire about brown and the forwarded me around a bit until I was speaking with a rep in Port Washington. They have brown there for $49 each + $8 shipping and tax. Not a bad deal! Thought I'd let ppl know.
Just want to follow up on these, does anyone own a pair/have experience? I like these Ray Ray in denim . Don't want to drop $445 on a shoe that will give out in 2 years. Also not sure I like the white band... Thanks. Pic below:
I've had my eye on this watch for a long time, finally made the leap. Modified with a dark brown IWC deployment band. Weirdest trait of the watch so far is the "wobbling" feeling it makes. I think this happens when it has been wound too much - the "circuit breaker" on an automatic watch. Any ideas?
Just ordered these off of leathergloves online. Wanted to get an opinion as to sizing. These are size 8, however I think I might need to go up one half size to 8.5. Note the stretching across the inner palm and the location of my knuckles when putting the hand in a fist. I am inclined to return them as I really do think they are too small. Gloves in the picture are a brown Peccary.
Thanks, a search for the RL Kempton had me stumble upon this: Richmond Bomber Jacket Really liking it but it might be on the short side.
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