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https://corporateshopping.com/discounts/brooks-brothers-corporate-membership I just signed up but I'm disappointed this sale can't be stacked on the dress shirts discount. I guess this is a good time to buy ties, sweaters or other items that likely won't go on sale.
I'm hoping to pickup a nice suit around Black Friday if possible. Budget is about $1000. Moving up from a Brooks Brothers 1818. Went to the Zegna outlet today and I think their couture suits will be around $1k on Black Friday, but they only have a few in the store. Does anyone else have any suggestions on where to get a good deal on suits either on Black Friday or after Christmas? Located in the SF Bay Area. Thanks!
Thanks for the reply. I didn't even notice the Zegna outlet there at all. Such a big place. It'll be on my short list when I have an afternoon to get back there.
I am wondering if anyone here has advice for shopping at the Livermore Outlets? They have some nice stores, but I hate that most of the outlet merchandise is only made for the outlet at a much lower quality. Brooks Brothers has a shop there, but they only have a small rack of nice sports jackets from the retail shop for $199. No dress shirts that I could find. J.Crew is pretty much all outlet clothes, but I was able to find some shoes from J.Crew that were being...
I wish I was a size 11 instead of 10.5. I'd totally pickup these AE Belmonts on Amazon for $90.
Thanks. I'm looking for more selvedge so I'll hold off on that.
I wend to the Uniqlo in SF and asked if they had any selvedge jeans, and they had no clue what I was talking about. Is this an online thing only? NY only?
Interesting. I'm guessing they are all the Madison style since one says, "Madison wool". It would be cool if they were Fitzgerald.
Does anyone know what kind of Brooks Brothers suit Nordstroms sells? Looks like they are 50% off right now. I'm guessing they are specially made for Nordstroms.
Looks like Nordstroms has some APC stuff on sale I may kop. Are the denim's on sale here for 80 bucks the same quality denim that other retailers sell? Seems like this could be the cheapest pair of APC denim I have seen this year. I bought some for $120 6 months ago and love them.
New Posts  All Forums: