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Price drop to $175and a bump.
Bought this from this forum but the sleeves were 1" too short and could not be taken out. Here is the ad: Stunning Jay Kos New York Charcoal Grey Birdseye Suit, made by the prestigious Italian suit maker Castangia. From a review of Jay Kos clothing: "Jay Kos is especially famous in New York, as he’s recognised as the city’s high-end suit maker. His beautifully-made men’s suits have a wide appeal with the big city heavyweights." Retailed for $4000, but you can have it...
I'm similar to you.10 in Alden Barrie10.5 in Vans and Adidas and just about everything else. Occasionally an 11.I ordered 43's because I have a pretty standard width, or slightly narrow and everyone says these run long.
Wow. Thanks for the info. I figured the RG ones would be better based on the high price. Also, I'm a little worried the warm grey ones I ordered were women's boots. The size is right, 43, but when I click on the email confirmation, it takes me to the women's boot. Could have screwed that order up.
RG x CP chelseas are $305 after coupoin IPAD15 at fwrd.com
I just got some warm grey and the RG x CP in dark grey. Planning on returning one of them. Haven't seen these in person. Opinions on which is better. I paid $230 vs $300. Edit: Also, I'm normally a 10.5 in most shoes. I bought a size 43 reading they are long and narrow. Does this sound like the right size for me?
https://corporateshopping.com/discounts/brooks-brothers-corporate-membership I just signed up but I'm disappointed this sale can't be stacked on the dress shirts discount. I guess this is a good time to buy ties, sweaters or other items that likely won't go on sale.
I'm hoping to pickup a nice suit around Black Friday if possible. Budget is about $1000. Moving up from a Brooks Brothers 1818. Went to the Zegna outlet today and I think their couture suits will be around $1k on Black Friday, but they only have a few in the store. Does anyone else have any suggestions on where to get a good deal on suits either on Black Friday or after Christmas? Located in the SF Bay Area. Thanks!
Thanks for the reply. I didn't even notice the Zegna outlet there at all. Such a big place. It'll be on my short list when I have an afternoon to get back there.
I am wondering if anyone here has advice for shopping at the Livermore Outlets? They have some nice stores, but I hate that most of the outlet merchandise is only made for the outlet at a much lower quality. Brooks Brothers has a shop there, but they only have a small rack of nice sports jackets from the retail shop for $199. No dress shirts that I could find. J.Crew is pretty much all outlet clothes, but I was able to find some shoes from J.Crew that were being...
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