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I wish I was a size 11 instead of 10.5. I'd totally pickup these AE Belmonts on Amazon for $90.
Thanks. I'm looking for more selvedge so I'll hold off on that.
I wend to the Uniqlo in SF and asked if they had any selvedge jeans, and they had no clue what I was talking about. Is this an online thing only? NY only?
Interesting. I'm guessing they are all the Madison style since one says, "Madison wool". It would be cool if they were Fitzgerald.
Does anyone know what kind of Brooks Brothers suit Nordstroms sells? Looks like they are 50% off right now. I'm guessing they are specially made for Nordstroms.
Looks like Nordstroms has some APC stuff on sale I may kop. Are the denim's on sale here for 80 bucks the same quality denim that other retailers sell? Seems like this could be the cheapest pair of APC denim I have seen this year. I bought some for $120 6 months ago and love them.
What do you mean? These just arrived at my door over the weekend.
So I picked up 3 suits from Brooks Brothers during the last sale. I currently have two suits, both Theory. I like them both but I wanted to try the Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano line. I currently have a blue and a grey pinstripe suit similar to the fabrics below but I'd like to retire both of those suits, but I really don't need all 3. Out of the 3 I bought, which would you return and why? 1. The Narrow Stripe Grey suit 2. Mini Stripe Brown Suit 3. Navy Solid Suit
That was a sale right around Black Friday. Opened them up for Christmas Seems like that happens once a year with the 30%.
I picked up some Alden Captoe's from J. Crew for 30% off so I will probably go with the wingtips for variety. Thanks for the info guys.
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