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KRANE SAMPLE SALE The A_W11 season is rapidly approaching, and I need to make room in the studio for the new gear. Below are SS11 and FW10 stock that are priced to clear. Over 50% off of retail orders >$500 ship free across the US and canada. Shipping in other regions apply accordingly Lyle ‘09 95% wool 5% Lycra Slim fit Droop front pocket detail 1 x size 32 black wool Ponte Di Roma $200 SOLD 1 x gray 32 gray wool Ponte Di Roma $200 Waist 32" inseam...
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform The Abram and Rolland are great looking. ...also, great for packing in your daily essentials
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc any word on when the bag sale will go down? check the thread now for the new additions and the price drops on the coats
The bags have been uploaded. Please note that the FW10 and SS11 items are only available for a week...Dec 26 - Dec 31,2010. Please also note the price drops on some of the styles from the Krane man line
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Talk to me Ken. What are the dims? Shoulder strap or no? Interior layout and is the interior leather lined? Dimensions 15 1/2 x 14 x 5" lined with an olive faux suede interior is equiped with a single zip pocket square wire-frame riri-zip opening 48" leather shoulder strap with leather pad pm me with paypal email if you wanna move fwd
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Hey Ken, I'm looking for a tan on tan Mirka. Got any laying around in a dark corner? [IMG][/IMG] I found this in my inventory. This is the Hamlin sample from FW08.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Hey Ken, I'm looking for a tan on tan Mirka. Got any laying around in a dark corner? Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I have a leather Saelen - and prefer it to the Filson 257. It also has a lot of extra room, so I actually use it as an all purpose bag, with gym clothes, papers, etc... in addition to a pretty decent sized laptop. LA Guy has the new Saelen from SS11, so he's...
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch dang, just saw this thread today and slept too long on the size 42, 09 green cyril I had a 08 size 40 emory that was a bit short in the body and not enough shoulder range of motion, I'm assuming I'd have the same problem with the size 40 2008 cyril? Not sure how/if the fit profiles differ between the two. The fits of the '08 Emory and Cyril are similar, but the Cyril is a bit longer in length. The Laird...
sorry, no field tan or leather Mirkas in my inventory. How about a field tan Saelen?
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