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Do it! it's one of those silhouettes that keeps on going. The beauty of the waxed cotton is that it wears like leather and gets more beautiful with age.
  The end of our annual KRANE boxing week sale is near. 12 more hours left in our webstore sale. Still some popular colors and sizes left at 50% off. http://kranedesign.com/shop/category/outerwear/
Thanks Gavin, Happy New Year man! This bag is the perfect companion for the frequent traveller on the go. It packs a good week's worth of gear, and passes carry-on size requirements to save you time waiting for baggage claim
It's top of the class for new additions for this season. The detachable sheerling collar, when you cop this thing makes it boss!
Sold the last two today. How about the EMORY in dark olive? There's also the GIL, LAIRD, and BORIS that are also avail in the 36http://kranedesign.com/shop/boris/http://kranedesign.com/shop/emory-in-dark-olive/http://kranedesign.com/shop/gil-biker-jacket-in-waxed-black-cotton/http://kranedesign.com/shop/laird-varsity-jacket-with-gray-lining/
Ha! Same, but in my MATHIAS. It's a winter wonderland in Toronto finally
NP man. The JONAS and the MATHIAS are the top guns in the waxed collection, so you picked a good one!
We had our pop-up already at the new Sohohouse in Toronto. Check out the KRANE coats at SYDNEY'S on Queen street. They have a great staff to help you, and they are on sale there also.
In addition to the wind and water repellant qualities of the waxed cotton, the EMORY sports a recycled Italian military wool blanket lining (on the bodice), and a quilted cotton polyfil lining (on the sleeves), not to mention the sheerling lined hood that zips up just below your nose. I don't think warmth is an issue
The last 34 MATHIAS was just sold (literally).How about the JONAS? It's a bit more tailored, and sports a hood that is detachable for those more dressed-up nights.It's avail in 34 in the dark oak waxed and black waxed. The LAIRD varsity jacket in gray is also up for grabs in the...
New Posts  All Forums: