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If anyone is looking to sell the discontinued H. Lesser fabric made by Carlo Barbera: ref.26070 (see pic attached), please PM me.
I know this thread has not been visited recently but I was wondering if anyone has visited Tip Top lately. This month I may have some time for fabric shopping in NYC and it would be nice if I could find nice suiting fabrics in 12-13oz or Woodhouse Fresco.
Forgive me for the bad quality of the pictures. I was in Naples this week and visited my tailor Gianni Volpe for 2 fittings. cant wait to see them made up
PM sent regarding the Lesser gun-club
Has anyone ever experienced the fresco fabric by Drapers from the Ascot Forever book? Would appreciate some feedback in comparison to Minnis Fresco and Finmeresco.
3 of my fabrics are going to be funded soon. 1. LL RAF Mistral 18oz 2. Minnis Oxford Grey Fresco 8/9oz 3. LL RAF POW Piuma 11oz Cant wait to see em made up
Which ones are still left?
Do you mean Rangoon hangs longer?
Very tempted to get the Tonik...
Thanks for your feedback.I've already decided on the Fresco and not decided on the other 2 suits. Are you saying that I should get the Lesser 8/9oz and RAF POW Piuma over Mistral and Lesser 13oz?I also forgot to mention that I am not planning to make another suits after these commissions for at least a year.
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