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Do you mean Rangoon hangs longer?
Very tempted to get the Tonik...
Thanks for your feedback.I've already decided on the Fresco and not decided on the other 2 suits. Are you saying that I should get the Lesser 8/9oz and RAF POW Piuma over Mistral and Lesser 13oz?I also forgot to mention that I am not planning to make another suits after these commissions for at least a year.
I am trying to decide which fabrics I should take for my next commission. I would like to have 1 for summer, 1 for mild summer/3 season and/or 1 or 2 for winter. 3 suits in total. 1. Oxford Grey 8/9oz Fresco: this has already been decided 2. RAF POW LL Piuma 11oz (would be made up as a 3 piece suit) 3. H. Lesser 13oz navy chalkstripe or something similar (thinking about Smith's Botany) 4. RAF hopsack LL Mistral 18oz 5. H. Lesser 8/9oz navy chalkstripe I already have...
Nice stuff, Marco!Are you making anything up this time? I might stop by Volpe's next month to make a couple of suits.Yasu
What about the Botany? My tailor told me Smith's still hasnt launched the new Botany book. I am a bit worried that they may have discontinued. I hope not....
sent u a PM.
Im interested in the dark brown. Whats the width for size 7?
@WeakMonday when are you going back to Volpe? I might go there a couple of times in the next couple of months
Slew, It looks amazing and it is a great combo with the cord pants!
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