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Unfortunately, I never experienced the ones pre Harrison's acquisition. But I have heard from someone that it is no longer the same as how it used to be.
Is the fabric vintage or from the current book?I have one from the current book and it doesn't seem like it drapes well, especially compared to the Minnis Rangoon which also weighs 8/9oz.
Wow amazing jacket!Where did you source this fabric?
No, no cashmere please...
Hello there, I have been desperately searching for this discontinued fabric made by Barbera for Lesser. If anyone is interested in selling a jacket length, please PM me. Cheers, Yasu
Noted with thanks
Has anyone received this fabric?
If anyone is looking to sell the discontinued H. Lesser fabric made by Carlo Barbera: ref.26070 (see pic attached), please PM me.
I know this thread has not been visited recently but I was wondering if anyone has visited Tip Top lately. This month I may have some time for fabric shopping in NYC and it would be nice if I could find nice suiting fabrics in 12-13oz or Woodhouse Fresco.
Forgive me for the bad quality of the pictures. I was in Naples this week and visited my tailor Gianni Volpe for 2 fittings. cant wait to see them made up
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