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@Pliny That's great! I would also like to have a brown suit as well but perhaps too informal for my work environment. I am thinking about building a non-work suit wardrobe along with my work suit one: Summer: DB Minnis Rangoon Light Navy 8/9oz LL Linen Blue 14oz Winter: DB Minnis Flannel Mid-Grey 13/14oz Perhaps on top of the above I can add brown.
This thread seems dead but here is my wardrobe with strictly business suits only. Please note that I am a junior level employee at a management consulting firm so no DBs are well accepted. Summer (comfortable in 23-28 degrees celsius) 1. H&S Cape Horn Navy: 8oz 2. Minnis Fresco Oxford Grey: 8/9oz 3. Minnis Fresco Navy Chalk Stripe: 8/9oz Spring/Fall (comfortable in 18-23 degrees celsius) 4. VBC Perrenial Dark Grey: 8/9z 5. LL Brisa Navy: 13ozDrapers 6. Hobart Mid-Grey...
Managed to organize my fabrics so decided to post a picture of them here
Thanks!My tailor is Gianni Volpe of Naples.
I would like to ask you for an advice regarding my next bespoke commission. I am thinking about commissioning two odd jackets this summer for summer and spring/fall. I have already decided on the summer jacket, which will be made of tobacco linen 8/9oz by Solbiati. But I still cant decide which fabric to choose for the spring/fall jacket. I have previously made up the jackets below: Left one is the LL "Prince Tweed" 18oz, which I wear in 10-15 degrees. Right one is...
Is anyone willing to sell 3.5m+ of the London Lounge Agnelli Tweed? If so, please contact me via PM.
Agreed. I like my garments from LL better than other mills/merchants as well.I wish they had more offerings in lighter weights though.
PM me if you are thinking about selling it
Unfortunately, I never experienced the ones pre Harrison's acquisition. But I have heard from someone that it is no longer the same as how it used to be.
Is the fabric vintage or from the current book?I have one from the current book and it doesn't seem like it drapes well, especially compared to the Minnis Rangoon which also weighs 8/9oz.
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