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Tweed jacket in LL Prince Tweed by Gianni Volpe, tie by EG Cappelli
Hi, Sorry i opted not to purchase this. Sincere apologies, Yasu
Well they are both available at many tailors here
Does anyone know that the "Summer Comfort" by Edwin Woodhouse is the discontinued Fresco that everyone is raving about? Because I live in Japan and a bunch of tailors seem to be able to purchase them. Or are these the new stuff and not as good as the old discontinued ones?
Do you have any of the Superfine Tropicals or 13oz (not Golden Bale)CheersYasu
Thanks for the comments, guys. And pls ignore the fact that the first one is a DB. Im just talking about the shade of the fabric in general. I think in Japan ppl in MC dress a little more conservative or maybe it depends on the client and which company you work for. But thats the impression that i have. I hope im wrong though.
Thank you for the commentsI intend to only wear 2 piece SB's. What do u think of the color on the first one?
Dear all, I am moving to management consulting as of February next year and was wondering what kind of suits are acceptable in the industry in terms of color and pattern. Please have a look at the following suits or fabrics and comment on whether they are acceptable in mc or not. 1) LL RAF mistral: 2) LL RAF POW piuma: 3) Minnis Fresco 0520 4) Smith Botany 3413 5) H. Lesser 13oz 6) Minnis Fresco 0511 Thanks in advance! Yasu
@julius weber What is the weight on this fabric? Can I see a better pic? is it charcoal?
this is the inspiration: [/quote] Id be interested in something like that
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