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My liabilities are being funded at my tailor Gianni Volpe in Naples: Fresco 8/9oz by Minnis Agnelli Tweed 13oz by London Lounge Overcoating 21/22oz by Harrison's 8/9oz and 13oz by Carlo Barbera for H. Lesser
@Pliny That's great! I would also like to have a brown suit as well but perhaps too informal for my work environment. I am thinking about building a non-work suit wardrobe along with my work suit one: Summer: DB Minnis Rangoon Light Navy 8/9oz LL Linen Blue 14oz Winter: DB Minnis Flannel Mid-Grey 13/14oz Perhaps on top of the above I can add brown.
This thread seems dead but here is my wardrobe with strictly business suits only. Please note that I am a junior level employee at a management consulting firm so no DBs are well accepted. Summer (comfortable in 23-28 degrees celsius) 1. H&S Cape Horn Navy: 8oz 2. Minnis Fresco Oxford Grey: 8/9oz 3. Minnis Fresco Navy Chalk Stripe: 8/9oz Spring/Fall (comfortable in 18-23 degrees celsius) 4. VBC Perrenial Dark Grey: 8/9z 5. LL Brisa Navy: 13ozDrapers 6. Hobart Mid-Grey...
Managed to organize my fabrics so decided to post a picture of them here
Thanks!My tailor is Gianni Volpe of Naples.
I would like to ask you for an advice regarding my next bespoke commission. I am thinking about commissioning two odd jackets this summer for summer and spring/fall. I have already decided on the summer jacket, which will be made of tobacco linen 8/9oz by Solbiati. But I still cant decide which fabric to choose for the spring/fall jacket. I have previously made up the jackets below: Left one is the LL "Prince Tweed" 18oz, which I wear in 10-15 degrees. Right one is...
Is anyone willing to sell 3.5m+ of the London Lounge Agnelli Tweed? If so, please contact me via PM.
Agreed. I like my garments from LL better than other mills/merchants as well.I wish they had more offerings in lighter weights though.
PM me if you are thinking about selling it
Unfortunately, I never experienced the ones pre Harrison's acquisition. But I have heard from someone that it is no longer the same as how it used to be.
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