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which shop has the best selection of EG in manhattan?
What size is a 1 in U.S. Sizing
I ordered nov too....Do you think we'll ever get our clothes
Dude I don't know...we don't know what Drew said to you. But it confirms to me that this guy is a MASTER manipulator. You've been had bro. No one is getting their jackets or money back. Did he win the lotto? Let us know. Thanks. I'm not mad at you, none of us are. You've been had just like everyone else.
Doesn't anyone know his phone number
I want to see drew's face as he sees the posts about reporting him to the irs
i applaud those hitting up the libertine facebook page. looks awesome there
I have a question. Do you guys think this was all planned from the beginning? Remember when he would say I'm closing the business blah blah...get your orders in. And then there would be a flood of orders. He did this like 3 or 4 times before he finally closed up shop and ran away with all your monies. Back then it didn't make sense to me but now it seems to me at least like it was planned. I was one of the ppl back then that said he wouldn't close because he was flip...
pretty much the smartest thing i've read in the last 100 pages of this thread. one thing to note also is you're probably never getting your jackets/money back voluntarily. you'll have to meet drew face to face and take your jacket/money from his hands. it really is the only way. post some selfies at libertine when you get there.
Fok I really commend you for this comment. your previous comments cutting drew some slack led me to believe you were a moron but now that the veil is lifted you're on the right side. Sorry for speaking so bluntly.
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