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what is this
not working for pay hahahahahahahahahahahaha
any pics of wallets in the wild?
yeah lets bring this thread back and see some fit pics. if you didn't get your jacket and you want your money back just do a chargeback you don't have to keep telling us how mad you are you have a method to get your money back so whats the problem...sorry for those who linked to bank account (lesson for the future never do that again)
if you have some more fit pics of jeans/jackets that would liven up the thread
which are your quickest fading denim?
Any other thoughts on the story et fall boots?
I had a problem with an order completely unrelated to clothing. It was over 45 days from purchase through paypal and did a credit card dispute and my company, Chase, got back all my money for me no problem. If you can demonstrate that the seller didn't come through...you'll get your money back.
lets see some fit pics of the story et al boots
anyone have any fit pics of columbia knit http://usa-wear.com/ostore/index.php?route=product/category&path=63 any thoughts on these?
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