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hows the sizing of the twill shorts? If I'm a 31 waist...small will suffice?
how are the high west ryes
just tried rowan's creek. 4roses single barrel is head and shoulders better it's probably the best bourbon i've had next is Bookers
Can't find a bottle of 4 roses single for cheaper than 50 in nyc
Rowan's creek for 38 a good deal?
great jacket but 200$ price increase right before it came out leaves a bad taste in my mouth...I won't be buying just on principle alone.
Can someone who is experienced with 3sixteen explain all their cuts? I am looking for a pair that is mid rise looser in the thighs with a taper to the opening - kind of like a Naked and Famous Weird Guy but better....hahahah
Hey how do these compare to mm gats
post pics
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