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Set the correct price once. Don't let this project mimic the Vanson project where they decided to raise the price 200 dollars or something after a few weeks. It just leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth
So you recommend to wash it this way to get the best fades or just wear the shit out of it for 6 months before doing the soaks?
what credit cards to take advantage of this
great news lets see who wins on price..
we need more deets!!!! website yet?
any of their sweaters lined?
noob question but do all samurai 710s have the same fit and sizing?
I could source that...probably. If I do get it to you could you do it...idk if a random tailor could handle a job like that
would you guys be able to take an old TOJ jacket MDR and put 2 way zippers on it? if so, how much would that run me thanks
New Posts  All Forums: