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uniqlo +j peacoat or
i bought a pair of arrow mocs ring boots right from the store in hudson in size 9.5 , unfortunately they are a bit too big for me. anyone interested in taking them off my hands? worn maybe 5 times.
i usually like to layer a small sweater so it should be amiright? quality and fit worth paying that amount? also, anyone else having a problem viewing their catalog on the US website? it only displays 1 or 2 items when you click on their categories outside of their +j line.
is 250+ too much to pay for their +j peacoat? and anyone have any experience with how it fits?
would it be weird if i used wingtip boots with rubber soles as my everyday winter shoe? im talking about northeast winters where snow/slush/ice is a serious problem.
saw this a bit too late and missed out on the rager. need the deetz.
yeah, my bad. i wasnt too clear in my original post. will edit now
i know these are banned in the US now but does anyone have any idea where i can source them without dealing with shady online shops? i live in boston but am willing to go to NY to grab these. More specifically the djarum super black menthols. any help and insight is very much appreciated.!
Up for sale is a pair of Alden for brooks brothers straight tip blucher in black genuine shell cordovan leather in size 9D. measurements of the outsole is 12 inches from heel to toe and 4.5 at its widest point. Recently picked them up and worn them ONLY ONCE! they were marked so you cant return them but they are FIRSTS! no seconds up in here. The condition on them is perfect, you can tell they were worn only once by the picture of the sole and the minimal creasing on the...
one more price drop, looking to move these soon. HOP ON IT!
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