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your thighs look like a 10 lb bologna in a 5 lb bag. not a good look to me at all.
where can i buy some dark horn buttons to replace on my peacoat?
USA, forbes 100 insurance company, entry admin/finance position. im thinking it might be just a bit too casual.ties and trouser are necessary for work. no khakis.
is a knit tie too casual for a business environment?
i was at the store in boston tonight and i noticed they carried a real nice looking peacoat for around 300 dollars. i can get the student discount there which is 20 percent off, that takes the price down to 240. worth the price? this brings it around the price range of the uniqlo +j peacoat which i am also considering for a winter coat. does anyone have any experience with their quality of wool? NAVY OR GREY?!
where did you find these fidelity pea coats?also, is the uniqlo +j peacoat worth $200+? am i better off getting a sterlingwear or fidelity peacoat?If i usually wear a 36 in suit size, is the 36 the size to get for both fidelity and sterlingwear if i wanted a trim silhouette?
i am from boston. i usually run super hot in the winter anyways so i think id be fine if i just had a sweater underneath plus the peacoat.
peacoat not available anymore?
anyone have any idea how the +j peacoat fits? im struggling to figure out whether im a S or XS. im about 5'10 155 lbs. i usually wear a 36 in a suit.
+j is double breasted. now to figure out what size i am in the +j, XS or S. anyone have a clue about the fit?
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