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200 even. so about the same price.
most common width of a foot is D so im rolling with that. if i hadnt bought the strands during the nordstroms half year sale, id def be jumping on these.
can someone do a proxy for me? I need me those quoddys, puffy vest and chambray shirt. willing to pay top dollar!
Use code WARMANDCOOL with the pin 5429 to get 40 percent off highest priced item in cart with free shipping at 50 dollars spent. best used on obvious things like the allen edmonds models, bayfield and strand. strand in burnished brown looks amazing, only gripe i have is that you cant choose width but well worth it at...
i think the notion of avoiding these kid clubs is a bit not sure what age bracket you fall under but you would really be limiting yourself to seeing a bunch of middle aged men if you went to a club that didnt let people in with an untucked shirt.also, you have to look at how your body is shaped if you wanna tuck in your shirt. long torsos look much better tucked than shorter torsos. if you tucked on a shorter torso, youd look like a potato sack.
i wouldnt pay 200 for a pair of seavees. look into quoddy or oak street boot makers. a bit more expensive but lifetime guarantees are hard to come by.
going unucked is fine if the shirt actually fits you. Jcrew is a good source of shirts that fit fairly slim an at a decent pricepoint. Start there if you'd like
keep in mind that you also might need tailoring, which should take about a week.
grensons usually run a bit large, correct? downsize half or full size?
thanks for this.I'm just looking for something different besides the regular naval buttons. horn seemed like a good choice.edit: may have found something'
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