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hopefully there will be 9's available this time around.
the fit between club monaco XS and jcrew S is almost the same.
edit: found the british website thanks to the poster above. MUCHAS GRACIAS MUCHACHOS!
swag for days
i just purchased the club monaco one at 240 after student discount. fits like a fucking dream. the wool on this is definitely good quality as well. now, have any of guys ever replaced the buttons on your peacoat to something other than the traditional navy ones? im looking into horn or perhaps some sort of dark bone buttons. anyone know where i can source these buttons?
i just got my 36r peacoat from the tailors and i think it fits awesome through the body, only thing that i have to gripe about is the sleeve width. im a fairly skinny guy but these sleeves look and feel like they can fit hulk hogans arm through here with room to spare. i asked the tailor if there was anything he could actually do about it and he said no. is this true? i can understand not doing anything about the armhole but isnt there a way to make the sleeves...
not for canvas. the promo code is showing up but it isnt discounting anything. still works for regular lands end items.
this is weird, i keep on entering the code but its not letting me take discount on the canvas items. i was looking for the fair isle sweater gah!
unfortunately, promo code DOES NOT work for their canvas site. sad really, i wanted a couple pairs of cords.
you could have gotten AE seconds from their outlet stores for about 200 and they do ship to where ever you are. i personally wouldnt pay full price for a pair of AE's. actually, i have never really paid full price for any pair of shoes. just doesnt seem worth it to me until maybe one day ill get a bespoke pair.
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