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on the jackets with ribbing, does the ribbing really obstruct movement? ive dealt with jackets in the past where if i raised my arm the ribbing would end up on my belly button and i would need to pull down the jacket almost every minute. AND it would still be blousy. espeically since i have a 36 inch chest with a 32 inch waist.
going to check it tomorrow. I GOT DIBS!
i picked up the bally cripto suede loafers during the sale. just received it in the mail today. i think its a very good looking shoe. quality isnt super crazy but for about 135 shipped, it was a good buy. much better than a pair of cole haans for the same amount of money. what is the consensus on bally shoes on SF anyways? its never really spoken of on these forums.
got this maxx and unicorn wallet on hickorees a couple years back. its built a nice patina on it since then with all the raw denim its seen. i switch between this and a prada money clip wallet depending on my mood.
i picked up those bally suede loafers. seems decent at about 135 shipped.
im selling 2 items on ebay right now. quoddy 3sixteen navy deck chukkas in size 9. NO RESERVE 3sixteen boiled wool vest size small. ALSO NO RESERVE please bid ALOT. =D
well the size chart on their website says that US9 = UK8.5
how is the sizing on these shoes? i wear a 9d in allen edmonds and im thinking i might got with the UK8 in these considering the more aggressive last these are built on. the outsole measurements were UK8 is 31.2 cm X 11 cm and the 8.5 is 31.8 cm X 11 cm. also, it will cost about 290 after shipping and VAT, is this ia good pricepoint for these shoes?
if anyone has some 9d or smalle 9.5d's let me know! i will pay moneys
id like XS sizes. if you make XLs, why not XS.
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