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anyone know a good japan proxy? looking to get a beams x kelty convertible pack. they have it on mr porter for 240 but the retail on it is more like 130.
where can i find slim summer weight shirts (linen, light oxfords) for a decent price, under 100??? also, what is a good look for a summer wedding.
where can i find some spread collar summer weight shirts (linen, light oxfords)??? also, what is a good look for a summer wedding.
its just hitting your belt line and i feel thats where it should be. good look, great looking jacket.
being an asian man who went to high school in the northeast and graduated about 5 years back, i have some experience here. dont wear the bowtie. i knew alot of the kids who tried to to push their style into areas where they arent comfortable but thinks that it looks cool and they were always on edge about how they look. it wont do much for your confidence if you are wondering nonstop whether the bowtie is gonna work or not. and its high school, dont worry about trying to...
anyone wanna proxy me a pair of the leather lunargrands coming out this weekend in soho?
Narragansett leathers
Hey guys. i just received an invitation to a wedding in july thats in puerto rico and being an SF member, i started thinking about what to wear. ive never been to a destination wedding and rarely wear suits in the summer weather. im trying to think what types of patterns or fabrics i should stock up on prior for the wedding. the pieces i might purchase would definitely help convince me to wear them more often in the summers around boston. now, i know the most typical...
are their backpacks up for sale yet?
shitty cell phone pic but here ya go! rag and bone shirt polo jacket levis matchstik jeans sperrys
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