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didnt you guys hear? justin bieber and lil wayne rock womens jeans. i heard its the new shit to do along with rocking womens pumps.
for a pair of jeans you paid about 80 bucks for, it might cost somewhere close to like 50+ dollars to hem it and possibly slim the leg. not worth it in my opinion. sell it and get new jeans. which one of you dbags outbid me on this?!?! also, where can i find something similar to this without paying 250+? folding, tortoise shelly.
ive been looking for a pair of loafer sneakers for a while now to travel in and ive come across a really nice looking for in gram's 345g model but theyve sold out all the sizes for grey. does anyone know any brand that makes loafer sneakers like this or another store with this style in stock?
must have pics of the weekender, also please release them in a couple weeks =/
can we expect weekenders by memorial day?! going on a trip and im looking for a new bag.
taupe goes well with everything.
okay, im a bit confused about the sizing for the linen shirts. do they have the slim fit versions of the shirt in the US stores, i cant find it on their US site. same for their jackets. i think ill need to go with XS in the non-slim fit shirts but not sure if i should go with the XS or S in the linen jacket. can aynone clarify this for me?
how do the linen shirts and jacket fit? im at 36 chest and about 15 neck. is the small good or should i go down to XS?
is this 100 pecent wool?
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