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BRAND NEW with tags purple Head porter Plus crew neck sweater for sale. retailed for 15,500 yen, approx. 190 USD. looking for $130 OBO. Its tag sized medium with a pit to pit measurement of 20.5 inches. going on ebay soon if no one is interested. $130 Shipped within the US paypal only
I have a RRL cable knit cashmere sweater for sale. Brand new without tags. Bought it back in december but since we had a mild winter in the northeast, never had a chance to wear it. its tag sized medium with a 20.5 inch pit to pit measurement. going on ebay in a couple days if no one is interested. $170 150 shipped within the US paypal only
thanks alot for the suggestions guys. jcrew does have a student discount that i can take advantage of except you need to buy in store. i tried to going to the store today to see if they have the bag but they didnt have any stock which sucks. ill keep browsing in the meantime. i think i might just roll with the jcrew options. i heard these bags arent bad and construction is pretty good. i just hate paying full retail when purchasing from chain retail stores. anyone know when the next sale is or if there is a promotion out right now for accessories?
ive been on the lookout for jackspade and filson on ebay hoping for a nice one to pop up. thanks for suggestions guys
OKAY looks like ill roll with the XS.
im also wondering about this. i got the XS in the linen shirts and regular oxfords so should i be getting an XS or S in the easy jacket?
does anyone have a suggestion for a weekend bag with shoulder strap ~$150?! ive been looking for a while now and pretty much limited to jcrew options.
i just received my linen shirts and sport coat. the XS shirts fit perfect except the sleeves being a TAD bit too short and the sport coat in SMALL is perfect. a trip to the tailor to take the waist in and shorten the sleeves makes for a perfect camper in me.
does anyone have the trip/weekend bag? its about 100 with the discount so it seems like a decent buy. i just dont want it breaking on me anytime soon.
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