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just leave it the way it is. if you wash it now, itll never fade like it did before and you probably wont want to wear it. the smell will go away eventually with some wear.
just picked up the powerlines+ olympic edition. they fit like a dream and look damn good too
i just put in an order for some of the watercolor tee's yesterday. is there an ETA for shipping? id really like to get them by friday next week if thats possible.
those look like they might be warby parker sunglasses.
yeah,the pulling at the crotch and thigh, 8 lb salami in a 5 lb bag.
not necessarily but i think id opt for something made in america rather than this bag even though its looks gorgeous. the price was a bit too good to be true.
i was talking abuot this one: its probably china as well since the black fleece is. SHIET
is their canvas and leather duffle worth the 260 after discount? also, it says imported on their website. does anyone know where it is imported from? i think its a no go if from china
i got three linen shirts during their sale. i love them except fort he length. had to downsize to XS for them to fit slimmer.
alpha khakis seems a bit more casual with seams they use whereas the rugby chinos just seem alot dressier. i own both and wear them for different occasions.
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