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The Filippa k Storm jacket is really nice, I'm going to buy it Next thursday in navy. I wanted small, but they did not have It. So I'll size up for a medium. This jacket is really nice. It's a real winter jacket, but yet it look pretty stylish. I have a peacoat etc.. So this jacket would suit my collection perfect. It's a really good buy.
Bored today.. Check shirt: + white converse Royal blue green brown Today This + white converse
L&S pique Cheap monday tight black Zara man skinny belt. White converse Black BB underwear With jacket, the jacket is from Day
yesterday: Today:
Nice, I like it Tangerine! Also got a question. Are you able to send me a PM with registration for TFS? I look there every day, but I cannot sign up.
today! Simple the wool pullover can fit better if i strap the buttons. Just wanted the looser fit today.
I heard that if you order for over 100$ they will ship international.
How is the items after washing them? I will order for over 100$ easily. I buy all this stuff if somome tells me the quality is nice after washing, and that they will last for a time How slim is it? If i buy small, is the small like the small in H&M? or should i buy Medium in deanandtrend? Thanks for this website man, you really save my shorts problem, I did look everywhere for some nice bermudas for under 200$ each. Take a look! I really wanted som henley's...
That sucks I really want to join the forum and learn new stuff and get comments and discuss collections and brands. If somome are able to invite, please PM me
Are you sure this is good fit and good quality? i think the dress pants look a bit wired.. U got some of the clothes? post pictures with them on please!
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