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Bluefly has had Pringle polos for some time and they fit just like the Bobby Jones variety; extra-sized, in other words. Jeff
Quote: Referring to the handy-dandy visual aid Mr. Kabbaz so generously provided, what style do you prefer?  I know Hanes makes a knit 'classic boxer' with a sheathed waistband, but I can't vouch for the quality. I prefer the regular brief. I have unusually large thighs for my waist (cycling, football, etc.), so by much trial and error I have come to appreciate that the extra fabric on the sides keeps them where they need to be. Indeed, though my...
I've been cooking for a long time and have learned quite a bit. However, the single most useful cooking book I have experienced, and still refer to occasionally,is "The Way to Cook", by Julia Child. There are many nice recipes in this book, but it is really about all things technique. Know how to efficiently de-bone a chicken? You'll find this and countless other pearls in this book. Jeff
Here are some close-up pics of the Martegani's. I highly recommend them. Jeff
Quote: That's a nice looking collection.  Thanks for posting the pics.  How do you like the Romano Martegani's so far? dan I really like them. They are my most fashion-forward shoe, so I feel the need to be pretty well-dressed while wearing them. Rider (Ron) antiqued them beautifully for me. The fit is very nice with quite a good heel counter, which is important for my foot shape: flat, slightly wide feet with a somewhat narrow heel and achilles...
Quote: Lynch Bages> It's funny your conclusion is opposite to mine: F202 fits my rather wide and flat feet better than F606. This is exactly my experience as well. See my post above "Pics of my new shoes" for pictures of the EG Plymouth in Burnt Pine. Jeff
Greetings forumners. I recently received my first two pairs of EG shoes directly from EG in London. They are the Telford model in Mink Suede and the Plymouth model in Burnt Pine. Each are size 10.5 UK "F" fitting, the Telford on the 202 last and the Plymouth on the 606 last. The 202 is the roomier of the two lasts for my feet; indeed, the Telford is almost a little too loose while the Plymouth is a little tight through the balls of the feet. The color of the Plymouth is...
The best alligator belts that I have personally seen are from Torino. I have two of them. Jeff
I prefer the mercerized cotton of either BB or Neiman Marcus' briefs. They are a fuller-styled brief without bikini-like sides. Jeff
Nope, no Dockers. Some Banana Republic and Eddie Bauer though. I vastly prefer slacks that have a button closure on the inside and a button or hook & loop enclosure on the outside, with or without extension tab. This requirement precludes any Docker model that I've ever seen. What is this style of closure called, anyway? Jeff
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