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I will be there.
Or he was wondering if your carpet was bottle green...
A San Francisco shop would make me so happy
Man, those caramels have been calling my name for a long time. Do you happen to know if you guys are going to be getting the duck canvas version back in stock?Oh and voted.
I don't actually have any converse. I am a 44 in common projects and 10D in Alden Barrie last.
The hiatus definitely spurred me into finally ordering my first leather a few weeks ago. I was always thinking "well maybe next season" but when I heard that they were going away from MTM this is what I did...
This just makes me even more stoked to get the black lamb CM. Part of me was also thinking "maybe I should go with calf so it is a little more tough", but ultimately all the raving about black lamb made my decision for me. Good to know it feels substantial.
They haven't even contacted me yet about it, so I am assuming it is still a few months out. I think it was finalized with the flat welt, but KG would know for certain. If no one else comes forward in the Continental US then we can work something out for it with the shipping, but I would prefer to just pass it off if I can. Halfway down the page KG has a big post about the final details.
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