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Yes it was Michael Caine. Always liked the Brown Grained Brogues.As I have written in the past,I had a pair(in the 60s)which I purchased in a Sale-and I did not know the Make(no Instep Label) until Jason put me right. J.Simons Shop were a breath of fresh air.When I worked in a "Mens Outfitters"it was stuffy and to my mind cluttered.The Attitude I have described was there in "bucketloads"Mind you,the education I received,in that Shop,still stays with me now.I used to...
Interesting Imputs again.Regarding Brutus,never touched them.I knew a few that did,but they looked cheap. As regards to Saville Row etc.Even if we had the money to spend there,they would not have served us.Snobbery was rampart.I always remember the story of a young 60s Actor going into a Rolls Royce Showroom,and getting ignored.He was not of the "Class" you see.When he eventually got noticed he paid for it,there and then.Of course the Salesman was delighted,he had instant...
I lived in North Woolwich E16(a couple of miles from Canning Town).Used to walk through there very early in the Mornings-no All Night Buses then.
The City has always struck me as a foreign Country,Brideshead :)What with their different Licensing Laws etc.....
That was the East London Chapter.Always problems in the 70s.Remember a Hells Angel Funeral going through Forest Gate(around `78ish) no Old Bill about,stayed in the side roads.I knew the Black Boy,Bethnal Green Road.I have not drunk around that Area for years(Salmon and Ball aka Tipples etc.).It was always lively,I never needed to go "Up West" in those days.Get the old East Enders together and it is always the same.My Wife`s Family come from Shoreditch(moved to Milton...
Those scruffy cnuts were what most of the Skinheads became,a year later.Most of the Working Class Families had been moved out of various Areas,of the East End-by Tower Hamlets Council.They never returned.All the new Housing was allocated to the newly arrived Bengalis.A poor desolate place is what it became afterwards.
Taken at last`s years Margate.Their Sound System was top notch!!!
The Berets was a left-over from the Mod Days-cannot remember seeing them later,in the 60s though.The original Blue with two white Stripes(about the mid 60s)Jackets were referred to as "Blue Beat" Jackets.The name of Monkey Jackets, I cannot recall when that started.Definitely American-though smartish.
I used to love watch Stan Bowles play-such a natural Flair.It makes me wonder how he and Bestie would get on-in todays` Game.They did what is lacking in the Game.Passes down the Touchline,Dribble,hold up a Game,then bang!!!
What can you say!!!Great Photos again.Good Photo taken at Butlins `71.Never did get one of those Jackets!!!Welcome roytonboy.
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