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Bunty,.My Levi Jacket was new(dark Blue to start with)then it became more faded,this became the norm,again really faded ones being worn with Jungle Greens..I actually remember seeing them worn with Levi Cords-especially the Beige ones.I do not know about the Trousers and Shoes bit,until I started going to Northern Soul Dos.I will rack my Brains!!!!!!
The reason why I asked about the West Country/Northern Connection is because,in early `70,me and 2 Mates travelled around Devon and Cornwall(in a Transit).When we got to Newquay it was crawling with Scousers(mostly Skins).There is dispute about the Casual Thing because there was some Articles of Clothing,being worn in East London(and other London Areas)before the Scousers went "shopping" in Europe.If you had come to West Ham,you would have seen Levi Jackets being worn(with...
Ace and Eights-need to change my Glasses-sorry Mate!!!!
Its funny how the Patch(being sewn on the Front)was popular in the West Country and the North.Was it because the West Country Skins copied the North? I was the same as Ace of Eights,wore my Levi Jacket(`68 onwards)with Jungle Greens or Cotton Trousers-never with Jeans.
Interesting,bought back memories,of when I was a Kid.Never went "Hop Picking" but went with my younger Sister to a Farm-Harvest Time.Hard work but great being in the Country.One thing that was not too well advertised about "Hop Picking",was the rise in unwanted Pregnancies.Read the original "Call The Midwife" and there is a whole Chapter on that(it never made it into the Series on B.B.C.).All true Stories about being a Midwife,during the 50,in theI am wondering if this had...
I would guess about `68/`69,in the North.Skinheads in the London Area never wore their Jackets like that-or I never saw anybody with them on(only when someone like Man.Utd etc., came to West Ham).Maybe Ed or someone could tell us more.
Do you still go there Kingstonian?
When the "Specials" rolled in,that was the main Mob.Why they had to smash the Trains up, was always strange to me.It meant,you bought your Tickets then have the Train taken away from you(and you were stranded)-or it was draughty etc.,on the way back.The I.C.F.started the travelling by normal Trains in incognito some time later.This followed a Tradition of arriving at your opponents Ground earlier,than the main Lot without any Colours showing.I can only speak from my...
He has the Credentials-born in Canning Town,his Old Man was a local "Face".But he comes across as a Prat(in real Life he maybe different).Eccles was known(in London) so the images of him "organising" his mob,in the "Away" end probably was against "out of town! Boys.Its funny,you always knew who to watch out for-whether at Football or in a Ruck.They were the main "Boys",they were the ones to go for etc.
Looks a smart Fella.Danny Dyer
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