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I don`t know what the fuss is about.Here we are,Gentlemen in our later years,talking about the "Old Days"-with our Slippers on and drinking Cocoa!!!! I was a Skinhead before the word got invented....
I knew you would put it more eloquent than I would,M-o-M.
Maybe it could be called"People In Shorter Trousers".When the Book is near Fruitition,could the Title come on here?Then ,hopefully,People would want to contribute.Any suggestions M-o-M?
Not too good on the Computer,but I will wear it somewhere that Photos are being taken.
No problem.There were Leather Jackets worn(Black or otherwise) and believe me we were not Fetish---well just a little!!!!
Got a Black Leather Levi Jacket about 3/4 years ago.Very happy with it!!!
Damn,you found my Picture yankmod!!!
I think it was Walton-on-Thames(maybe the The Walton Hop).Never heard of the Walton Chapter though.
New Posts  All Forums: