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I thought I looked bloody smart,in `68 Spoken to a few 70s Skinheads and they were worn the 2nd time around.
Much prefer looking at Pictures of Women,walking along Carnaby Street.
Shame about Micky Greenaway-always remember hearing the Zigger Zagger,coming from the Shed. Skinheads never wore Cravats(that was earlier Mod)but we did wear the Scarves tied like Cravats inside our Coats. Sounds like Bob the Badger you were at a few Games I was at-especially being with West Ham,within the Shed.Never went North.West Ham would regularly turn on themselves-I have seen it happen on a few occasions.
There are Pictures of Mods wearing Cravats(like I said it was earlier 60s).You are right about the Scarves-and those are the ones that I wore later.
I wore my Dad`s Cravats early on...`66/`67,then bought a couple of Paisley Scarves(and a White one)later...`69.
It was interesting when they quote West Ham.You had the North Bank,but when London Teams came and took up all the Visitor Allocations-you had the "Chicken Run".The Lower East Stand was where it started,and here the hard-core West Ham would stand.They then piled into the side of the other Fans.The Old Bill would try and stop them,but then they charged across the corner of the Pitch.Interesting to read about Croydon though.Always thought they were Crystal Palace,you learn...
Yes Mate,though a slight variation.I have a black pair of "Green Flash" now.Very comfortable.
Good Photos,loempiavreter
Welcome Bob the Badger to the Site.Good to see your bit about Southend. Watermelon Man,I wore Green Flash in the Summer-about `68.
Interesting to see the different Boots being worn-at the same time as Dr.Martens.Always thought everybody wore them-when they became popular.Yankmod,me and about 300 Skinheads
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