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They look a cheeky bunch.Good memories about the Sheepskin,Ace and Eights.If I remember correctly,you could buy a Sheepskin for about £25/£30(in `68) off the Lane.I remember one Skin having a Sheepskin that was very long.When the cheap copies came out(`70) they were about £15.I can remember standing in Clubs sweating my B*lls off,because you dare not take it off.Great Picture on YouTube of a group of Mates dancing(2 or 3 of them had their Sheepskins on).Even in numbers...
The Guy up near the top of Picture(about 6th in from left).The Coat he is wearing looks like a Shhepskin-to me.
Wish I had gone into Scrap Metal-would be living somewhere nice and warm now!!!Interesting Photo-first time I have seen a Bra and a Sheepskin in the same Picture.....hmmmm:)
Nick Knight writes about the split that occurred about `67.A few hundred Pages ago,I wrote the split happened earlier.I never read any Account by Journalists concerning this.Another aspect I wrote about was the "kick back" against the way Fashions were going Gay.Do not forget Carnaby Street started about `58 with the selling of Gay Clothes.John Stephens crossed over to the Straight Fashion Market,with the colourful Clothing.This is what John Leo Waters and others were...
It is one of the best I have read.-but then it takes someone who has lived,smelt and tasted the Life.This is why our Book will be on par.
"Hard Mods" was another Label a Journalist made up(like Skinhead).This came out in the 70s.John Leo Waters is another Mod,who like Jeff Dexter,were about before my time.Mods came in two ways.You had one side who went to Clubs(on their own-but knew People there) dressed very smart every week and lived the life of Mod.They would have a Bedsit in a fashionable Area to look good.Pete Meaden(who managed the Who first)was a classic example.Mods like John Leo Waters would go...
Around `70,the trend for unbuttoning the Collars started.I used to wear my BS like that,with a V Neck Jumper.It paved the way for Deeper and Penny Collars.The Loafers came out on the back of the Solatio popularity.
"Rude Boys Love Clarks",love that little Line.
I should say,the Crop came from America via Jamaica.
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