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By `69,the Ivy Shop was off my Radar.It had got expensive.I have been vilified by saying that John Simons did not care for Skinheads.But they were his main Customers,or a majority of them.Whenever I have worked in a Shop,I have learnt "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover".
Yes that is me!!What I trying to say was,that in the 60s,the Ivy Shop was using misleading Promotions.Do not forget I was 16 when I first started using the Shop.Some of the Comments have come from People-who have forgotten what they thought at that Age.I just continued with the fact that I was finding cheaper alternatives-Royals etc.To be honest,the reason why I have not gone into any John Simons Shops since-is to do with Economics.I find things on the Net and I still...
Very Smart,Mate.The Prices are not too bad either.I am sure I had a Saddle-Shoulder Jumper,but it was years after the Skinheads.
Funny,M-o-M,I was looking at that Site-last night.Like some of the Colours.Round of Golf anyone ????????
I like Side Vents with a 3 Piece and Centre with a 2.
When you get back,naybe some Pictures.Sounds interesting though.
What can we talk about now,Kingstonian?
I like your Style Mate.
Some of the Shirts are new-in the UK,their Prices are higher than in the States(obvious reasons).I have a couple of Brooks Brothers Vintage,which were Dead-stock-the quality is better than the newer ones.
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