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We get bloody cut-off in Lincolnshire.That reminds me,get the Supplies in !!!
Here you are-what are the thoughts about the Dr.Martens Longwing Shoes.This goes out to our American Cousins.Personally speaking,I do not mind them.
You are a fine Specimen,Ed!!!The Jackets were not too heavy Cotton.Funny,I thought they were more widespread.
I personally have had no problems-but I think others have.I never wore those Shoes(never liked them,to be honest),they followed on trying to "cash in" on the Name.I believe some of the 2nd Wave of Skinheads regard them as the "Holy Grail".
The same here - and the old bit as well !!!!
Sounds about right for "Bespoke"Tailoring.Just wondering about Purchasing Cloth myself,and having something(Suit or Trousers) done.Would he be willing to do that Brideshead?
They were about but not in great Numbers.
Very Smart,Get Smart.,very "Mad Men"!!!!
Ummmm,yes Bassett.Glad you did not copy too much from Dave Hill.Interested in the beginning ,with the Skinhead History.Probably mirrored all over Britain,as I know we used to hang around a Coffee Bar(with decent Music on).Not too much in the Football violence though.I have written before that I walked away from the Aggro side(around `69),when I saw Darts etc., being thrown.No Team is worth losing an Eye.The later bits about the 70s Music Scene was interesting,as this also...
I take a 60cms(XL)Hat.I just put it down to all that knowledge I have !!!:D:D
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