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Now this is interesting.Is it only the Eastern Seeboard that are called Yanks?When you see Titles came out such as "The Yanks Are Coming" or "The Yank" etc.do ,you boycott them?As I have said we are called Brits or as your fellow Countrymen, call us "Limeys".
Are you saying I have childish views flyfronted,because I have just put a query about the Names.The one thing that is not discussed properly in this Country is Immigration etc.Why,because the People who call all the isms out are not mature enough,to talk about it.I did not say I call Blacks "Niggers" just asked the Question why.they call it themselves.The thing is "Boneheads" belong to the Right and the Left-because they have been indoctrinated with the Propoganda(from...
To me there is no difference between a Right Wing Nazi and a Left Wing Marxist-yet one is demonised and one is hero worshipped.Do not forget,the Communists killed more Jews over the years(but so-called intellectuals ignore that small fact).
Brits is an abbreviation the same as Paki was and Chink is.So why is ok for People to call us that Name but it is offensive to call the other two?As with the word Nigger,Whites cannot call them that,but the,Black Youth can call themselves Niggaz,and it is looked upon as "Street Cred".I was told off for calling an American a Yank(on another Forum)but there have been Film Titles with that word in it.I think People have become oversensitive.We older one had Fathers who fought...
Especially Bank Holidays if my memory serves me.
With Volumes 2 and 3....
I have said before,there were scruffy Skinheads during the 60s,whether it was North or South.But as with other things,it does tend to get shouted down.
Well said Gramps.
Now,now Harry.....
Tom,finding all that Gear down the Lane-would certainly have bought tears to my eyes.Would not have been able to wear though,have put on quite a few Pounds since the 60s:)
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