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Good Photos.Like the bottom R/H one.Definitely liked that Style.
No problem,M-o-M,hope you find the time.
and I sssstttttutter as well!!!!!
Is the "Middle aged ex-Skinhead"anybody you know,who you have based the Character on? Sounds about right for me-"disgruntled old soul"((don`t know about the tortured bit tthough!!!)
And they say Fellas are mad!!!!
My younger Sister had a similar Cut-early `69.Then grew it longer.
Going by the Guy with the Brown Jumper,I would possibly put the Photo in the early to mid 70s.Just trying to remember-I had a Beige one like it.The "T" Shirt,under the Flight Jacket is Lonsdale.Slough was a dodgy Place-at the best of times.Knew a Dj who came from there-right about the Record Shop and "Americas".
Looking smart Mate.The one thing that makes me laugh-and this is no reflection on your Girlfriend.Why do Women wear Furry or Lined Boots,when the weather is warm?Happens here all the time!!!
I have seen it many times.
Now,roll the Clock forward(say a couple of years).Grow your hair shoulder length,wear Cords,Jumpers and such like.You go in and buy Loafers etc.The attitude has now changed,the other side of the Counter.You now are not regarded as "Tea Leaves",a laugh and maybe a Joke.In reality,you are the same crowd that were Skinheads before-so what has changed??????
New Posts  All Forums: