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They were originally only bought in Gentlemens" Outfitters,then they were stocked by "our Shops".If you look at the Advertisements of the late 50s and 60s,they were shown being worn by Middle Aged Men who were mostly Pipe Smokers.As I said,I only got one.My favourite was the finer Wool Cardigans with Pockets.Right about the "Make War Not Peace" Brigade.Now I remember Mustard,could not envisaged Gold Sta Prest though.
That and the Watneys Red Barrel-Party 7s.Ah!!!! those were the good old days!!!!Thanks Ed,I just never saw Gold coloured Sta Prest.As has been said before,they were regarded as "old mens Cardigans" in the 60s.My Mum bought out some of my Dads(as a Joke) once.The trouble was,he was bigger than me-so I would have drowned in them.
Yes and what particular day it was !!!!It would be interesting though.
I like them a bit longer.
The Seller also stated they were Sta Prest????
Seen a Pair of Check Levis being Auctioned on Ebay.The Seller states they are 60s.I do not remember seeing them,but it could be possible they slipped under the Radar.Sorry I cannot put the Link up-still coming to terms with switching the Computer on!!!!!!
Never saw them Ed,were they big in Manchester?Or did I completely miss something?
Again,you beat me to it.Yes they have-and in my Size too.Up to a couple of years ago,they did Knitted Polo Shirts that had a proper Collar on(no Motifs).I bought a few then they stopped them.Again more Mod thing than Skinhead.I am still 17 in my Brain_I know"Poor old B`std!!!!
Not without the Pockets-and the Bottom Buttons look odd to me.I have a rotound Belly so the Buttons would not lay right.
This was a very short Fad,in the early 70s-did not last long though.Back in the 60s,loved wearing Sleeveless Pullovers.I had them in a variety of Colours.Also the Thin Lambswool Jumpers were good with Jeans or Cords.I only had one thick Chunky Cardigan(with the old Football Style Buttons on),in Rust Colour I think.I was lucky to pick up a couple of Sleeveless Chunky Cardigans(Deadstock) about a year ago-in Navy and Wine.I think they look alright with Trousers or...
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