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The reason why I put that M-o-M is that around here in Lincolnshire,they were influenced by the North.Yet it is quicker to get to London than Manchester.OK,so it is about 80/100 miles from Central London-but to get to Manchester today takes 3/4 hours (London is 2 1/2 hours max.).There are Photos up,on other Sites,that quote "The Twisted Wheel" etc.,where the Music and Club Influence came from.
Buyers from these Town(who owned Fashion Shops)would buy their Stock etc.,from London.This was the case from the early Mod days.I actually bought my Royals from Timpsons in Dorking,Surrey-not the West End.I eventually bought all three Styles from the same Shop-when I went there Window Dressing.
We have Photos of Mods/Skins from Satelite Towns around London( I have written about these)where they got their inspirations from London,not the North.On Saturday/Sunday mornings you could get the Fast to London(in Guildfords` Case,you could get to Waterloo in half an hour)and then go "Up West" or wherever.There were loads that did this-from all around London.You would meet in a Shop and chat.On the Line through Guildford,you had Woking,Surbiton,Walton-on-Thames all big...
I was wondering yankmod!!Photo taken inside one of the Palais Dancehalls.
The Ammonia Spray was more Villain than Skinhead,but in saying that, they were used.By then I was gone from the Violence.
Nice show of Legs-look better in Colour.I am getting my Coat.
Did not know if it was "Big E" or 501s etc., back in the 60s.Just knew them as "Shrink To Wear" and in my Case Levis.
Yes M-o-M I am willing to take in Account that maybe you did not see Denim Jackets.I will not be told that they did not exist,that Skinheads did not wear them.I had one and I saw others wearing them-regardless whether they were in East London,West London or South London,I cannot speak about North London because I never had the inclination to go there or to work there-until later.Maybe it was not to everybodys` taste but they were a good substitute to a Harrington(do not...
I was 19 in `69.There were a helluva lot of older Skins about.We never mixed with 15/16 year olds( you had to be 18 to get into the Dancehalls of the time).I was working and going out to Clubs in and around London(except North London-never had the inclination of going there).Used to meet up with some older Skins from Willesden,"up west".My outlook on the late 60s stems from this experience.I stopped getting involved in Football Voilence because the age of the Aggro Boys...
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