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Serve the B*st*rds right!!!!
Hello Des,welcome to the Forum.
Spoken like a true "Cockney Red".I was not involved but the London Clubs were organised by `74.Whenever Man Utd. used to come to West Ham it was mostly the "Cockney Reds"(with a few Northerners).Yes Man.Utd.,had numbers at "Home",the same as Liverpool.They would be given half of the Terraces in the "Away" Stand.The largest "Away" Support I saw (outside London) was Newcastle,at the Boleyn,and could they sing!!!!
Back in the 60s,both Tottenham and West Ham would "gang up" on other Mobs(because both Teams, Fan Bases, came from the same Areas).Now,unfortunately,times have changed and they fight each other.
Excellent Photos Bunty.Very Smart Fellas.
Good shot of the Club.The Kid with the Green Suede on,very smart.Good Photo of Chelsea Fans,Ed.Yankmod,two Clubs associated with East London are West Ham and Leyton Orient.Millwall started off in the East End Docks,that is why there is such rivalry between them and West Ham,but moved over the River and Tottenham have a high(or used to) number of East End Fans-even though they play in North London.
Me,I am a pussy-cat.
Be abrasive as you like yankmod,we can give it as well Just stating what happened in the U.K.
We thought we looked smart,in the beginning, with Longer Hair,wearing Patterned Shirts-with Mohair Trousers(Smooths) but then it lost its way,and ended up looking nearer Hippies` style.Thankfully other Styles came later to smarten up. Yankmod,Punk was contrived(ok,in the very beginning you had Teenagers setting the Pace)with Vivian Westwood etc.,jumping on the Bandwagon.
The reason why I put that M-o-M is that around here in Lincolnshire,they were influenced by the North.Yet it is quicker to get to London than Manchester.OK,so it is about 80/100 miles from Central London-but to get to Manchester today takes 3/4 hours (London is 2 1/2 hours max.).There are Photos up,on other Sites,that quote "The Twisted Wheel" etc.,where the Music and Club Influence came from.
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