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The Barley Mow looks alright or the Beehive in Crawford Street,just around the corner from Chiltern Street as well.To make you feel at home Clouseau there is a French Bistro(Hardys) in Chiltern Street.3 minutes from Baker Street Tube.
John Simons in Chiltern Street(46),W.1.would be anther good place for People to look at.Just saying......
Around your Neck with the Arm twisted and halfway up your Back.Notice one thing - it took one Copper then,today there would be about 4 hanging on to you........
quote name="Man-of-Mystery" url="/t/89027/mod-to-suedehead/21330#post_7973270"]: Don't quote me, but some of the academics at my daughter's uni couldn't find their arses if you gave 'em a map.[/quote] Oh dear !!!
Maybe a Canvas one Clouseau,just surmising here. Evidently there were clashes between Skinheads and Blacks.Lasttye has spoken about this in North London.I can definitely say I never saw it personally.But that is not to say it did not go on.As for Liverpool,what went on in the North stayed mostly in the North........
Yes,they could be purchased from Army Surplus originally - that was the one I bought.
Yes Mate,I have made a note of it.A couple of Drinks will be fine - don`t know about the Shopping though.Have not shopped "UpWest" for many,many years.To me it finished off the "Look" after that it was never the same.
As I have stated before.On The Timpson Royals` Box it stated "Gibsons".There were 3 Styles of Royals and anybody who was buying at the time would have known this - whether out of Simons or Timpsons.
Thank Mr.Knightley I have now found this Forum.
The Levi Suede Jacket was very stiff so I do not think you could roll the Sleeve back.Maybe a Cord one.I had a version of the "Safari Jacket".I know,on the Site,that it states 1967 but the Clothing worn came earlier.The Shoes,the Patterned Shirt,the Boating Jacket etc.,I would have put in 1965 ish.
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