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Smart Fella - no Badges I see........
Still in Essex Mate.We have moved into "Sheltered Accommodation" in Aveley(which is about 3 miles from where we were)-mind you I don`t know who is "sheltered" from who.....
Never liked The Nehru Jacket,reminded of the Beatles, when they came home from India. The Ruperts were a direct Copy of the Golfing Strides.Have a Sears Catalogue of the late 50s-they are all in there.
In about `66 then not until `70(Late).I kept losing the bloody things.
That's interesting M-o-M.I remember then but never wore one myself.They also appeared about `65ish-as The Dave Clarke Five are wearing them (RSG DVDs),complete with Chelsea Boots etc..Probably that is why I never got one.....
Right,I am up to Speed(so to speak...).Good stuff since I have been off.
Thanks M-o-M, listening to that Station now.Got a Spot playing 60s Soul(This coming Saturday),at the Live Injection Do.If you are in the East End,come along to the Stags Head,55,Orsman Road,N.1.Quality Reggae is always spun.
I have finally come back on-line(after a week off-through moving).Nearly as bad as the old days !!!!
I never had a problem in Desmond`s Hip Record Centre in Brixton.On ly one time did somebody get funny but trhe Guy behind the Counter told him to behave.I was a regular there.
The Shed being split into two.Happened a lot,when the other London Firms went there.
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