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I would look silly with it now-at my Age !!!
I would say more Rod Stewart,when he was with the Faces(circa `72).
The original "Pow Wow" in Sheffield was,to me,in a better Club(with a great atmospheret).It was small,seedy and it attracted some of the smartest best new Mods around.Roytonboy,I can recommend the AdLib in Lincoln City.It has everything-a small lCellar Club(2 Rooms),,well dressed People and the music is top notch.It happens 4 times a year(next being October 11th).If you don`t believe me ask Mr.Knightley.Himself and his lovely Wife travelled down from Essex,to go there(as...
Interesting in reading about Mods who became Hippies but then changed back again(Mods - The New Religion).They soon got fed up with the Rock Music and started buying Jamaican Music etc., again.It was the same story when some of the ex Skinheads grew their hair(through the various stages),started liking Glam and other Rock-and then reverted back.I was one of those,though Reggae had moved onto Roots,which I never liked.I was again listening to Soul/Funk etc.
Not dis-believing you M-o-M.It just did not happen where I was.You saw the difference between the two halves,occasionally I read about them or watched Films like "Room At The Top" etc.
It is interesting to read the different Style variations in other Areas.For me Suedehead was`70 /`71 by the middle of that year Hair was Shoulder Length.The Article had come out about a Guy,who lived in Stepney,and he was saying about the Fashion changes.In the Picture,he had a Penny Collar Shirt,Mohair Strides and Royal Smooths..This was where the name "Smoovies/Smoothies" came from.Richard Allen only needed to look in the Papers and he would get all the material he...
To be honest,they are not bad Prices-in `68s money(skys the limit).If I remember correctly they were something like £8/10 gns,back in the day, if you could get them.
I have got the Black Leather Trucker Jacket,but how much are the Suedes with Leather Collars??M-o-M.
M-o-M,if you remember,we never called ourselves anything like the Labels given(the originals called themselves Modernists)..Through the various stages we never said we were this that or the other.It was always names given to us.I never called myself a Suedehead nor did any of my Mates.We just wanted to smarten up,then we became "Smoovies" as printed in a Paper.
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