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It has but always good to read.As I have said previously,I used to visit the Top Rank with my Penfriend(she lived in Rickmansworth). .
In Camden
"Sounds and Pressure" is a great Sound System.Will be going to the Weekender-3rd to the 5th of July run by Phil Bush and his Sounds and Pressure System.Two days of solid Jamaican and Soul Sounds and the best thing,it is right on my doorstep.
I know it is slightly off track,but please bear with me.I read today that Steve Strange has died.To those who do not know about him,he was the Person who brought the "New Romantics"Fashion to the fore(not Robert Elms).To me he was the last of the Street Level Fashion Innovators.Who thought of something and then let it grow.Now we have large Store "Fashion" Buyers and over-hyped Designers dictating what People should wear.Since the early 80s we had nothing that could be...
On the side for doing up those Shirts.Horrible things
Smart Fella - no Badges I see........
Still in Essex Mate.We have moved into "Sheltered Accommodation" in Aveley(which is about 3 miles from where we were)-mind you I don`t know who is "sheltered" from who.....
Never liked The Nehru Jacket,reminded of the Beatles, when they came home from India. The Ruperts were a direct Copy of the Golfing Strides.Have a Sears Catalogue of the late 50s-they are all in there.
In about `66 then not until `70(Late).I kept losing the bloody things.
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