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Excellent Photo.
The lack of anything on the Fly Screens(at least one of them would have something).The Guy standing with his Legs apart,the Trouser Legs are too long and wide for a 60s Suit.Is the Photo actually from here looking at the House behind them.
I will be picking your Brains Sir........
I have just given mine away........
Quality Photos Bunty.
He gets everywhere......
I went to the second Night.It was funny walking up the Stairs,the Area where the Re-Union was part of the old Club.Unfortunately,the present Owners decided against Bobby Gallocker(whose Brother Golly was the original Club Dj)using the Premises again.I wait and see what happens now.
Always interested in the Minet Material,Clouseau.
This is what I wrote,regarding the Carousel Club,Farnborough.Not only Otis Redding,but Sam and Dave,Wilson Pickett etc.,etc.All the Major Names played there between `66 and `68(The Big C),it closed down that year.
Decent Fish and Chips iin the West End - about as rare as Hens`Teeth Clouseau...:)Some of the Pub Grub is not bad.
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