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The Clubs would open about 10ish and there would be a Queue to get in.
I used to go Lakenham ,to do business with the Chef on the Base.Once you were inside the Gates it was a slice of America.Mind you,the Armed Guard on the Gate was nervous so that made me a bit as well !!
By the time I started going to the Flamingo,Georgie Fame was a No.1 Artist.In `66 the music was going more to Records and the Clientele was changing.In the 50s and early 60s you had the American Servicemen but when I started going there it was more and more Jamaican, as with a lot of Clubs "Up West".Mods would have mostly certainly rubbed Shoulders with the Americans in the early years - and some of the dress sense would have certainly rubbed off.Records were bought down...
Brings back so many Memories.......
Thanks for that Sirryacus,I will .......
I actually like Rock `n` Roll(probably from hearing my Sister`s old 78s) and Rockabilly - especially Songs involving Cars.
One of the first Albums to bring African Drums to the World Stage was "Olatunji! Drums Of Passion" by Michael Babatunde Olatunji.This Album sold 5 million Copies all over the World,when it was released in 1959.It is a collection of "Talking Drums" from West Africa -mainly Nigeria.It has the Version of "Gin-Go-Lo-Ba"(later recorded as translated to "Jingo". by numerous Artists).To have something like this sell so many Copies in the World shows how People`s` Tastes were...
There were Samba Tunes done by - Charlie Rouse - Samba De Orfeu,Herbie Mann - One Note Samba to name a couple, plus Mambo and Bossa Nova Tunes were hits in Mod Clubs.
Going through that Film again,you can see Members of various Groups standing about listening to the Yardbirds.Derv Gordons(Lead Singer with the Equals) and Dave Maggs(Drummer with the Troggs) to name a couple.
Lord Kitchener and Lord Creator(to name a couple) crossed over into the Mod Clubs with their brand of Calypso,in the early to mid 60s.
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