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Yes you are right.Interesting about Portebello Road,back in the early 70s,used to pick up Rubbish and then sell the good stuff to the Stallholders(did this when I had days off or "between" Jobs).It was interesting to go down and see the mark-up on these "Antiques".We were happy,we got our wedge-and the Goods cost nothing to us anyway.Second Market story involves a Family member of my Wife`s down Columbia Road.Back in the 60s he ran a Furniture Making Shop.Unremarkable you...
Good to see Gsvs,especially about the old Markets.Remember walking through Convent Garden each morning,whilst the Market was on.Went to Spitalfields Market and got a Job(but never started there).My Wife`s Uncle had an Egg Stall in Hoxton Market,her Parents ran a Fruit and Veg.Stall in Ridley Road.Another Uncle had a Stall in Leather Lane.I went with my Dad to Smithfield and Billingsgate-he was a Butcher and a Fishmonger combined .Happy days all round.
Let me guess M-o-M,white with a peak Helmets.Hated those bloody things- for Joe Public only.
Agree with Inks on that one.Quite a few were sported-a lot of the times faded,as if done some time before(or it might have been the ink used then).
That is a brilliant Photo Bunty.The Boots are as I remembered them.....
Looked at the "Mods Dancing" Clip-brilliant.A quick glimpse of a Pork-Pie Hat very smart.
Whereever I went in London I saw scruffy Skinheads.No one area could say they were the smartest in London-there would be smarter ones,but that was in each area,
It is later than `69/`70.They are drinking Dark Ale(the ones I could see).Yep I would go towards that one M-o-M.A right scruffy mix-up with clothes though.
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