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I like the `70 Photo,it`s as I can remember it.The second Guy from left has kept his top button undone-as Lapels were being pressed back to make it look a two button Jacket(American idea).
Never ventured into Barking or Dagenham-because there was always aggro.This went on through the 70s as well.I lived (for 2 years) in Castle Green and "The Ship and Shovel" was also a trouble Pub.
Nope, I don`t,I asked my Sister and she cannot recollect it either.Mind you ,by then,anything remotely connected with "Skinhead" I ignored-the journalists were just feeling around to increase Sales.
How I look at it M-o-M,it shows a Skinhead in a non-aggressive Attitude(just asking why ??), and is slap bang in the timescale 1969.
This would be a great Cover for the Book,if Permission was granted.
Welcome Jukebox Dury.
Somebody is selling the DVD for a Fiver,on Facebook.Says it all really.
John Holt was certainly a Legend.RIP Sir.
Maybe "Cherry Reds".
Excellent Photo Roy.Shows the two Styles of `68(as seen in previous Photos-many,many pages back).
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