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Pictures of Arthur Mullard come into mind........
I see them nearly every Weekend(Unicorns) - but it normally follows a trip to the Pub.....
Great to have you back Bunty. I believe John would call them Solatios,I would call them Italian Basket Weaves,a Shoe I liked but never got to buy.I have a feeling they were earlier than `68 though.
"Skins" was used early in Graffiti - same time as "Boot Boys"
Never heard the "Futurist" Label -seems to be People who were ahead of the Game(even more so than Faces).
Listening to the Podcast now.Saw the Pretty Things in the Marquee,around `66.Good Live Band. Whoops doubled up
Got to admit Little Queenie never really thought about the Accents,but to someone like yourself(who was born and bred there)it must have been awfu.A bit like the Accent in East Enders is Essex - nothing like it was.
Just come across another Biker Club that started in`69(The Vikings M.C.).Never saw any of those,so I suppose they were East Surrey - towards Croydon way.
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