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In about `66 then not until `70(Late).I kept losing the bloody things.
That's interesting M-o-M.I remember then but never wore one myself.They also appeared about `65ish-as The Dave Clarke Five are wearing them (RSG DVDs),complete with Chelsea Boots etc..Probably that is why I never got one.....
Right,I am up to Speed(so to speak...).Good stuff since I have been off.
Thanks M-o-M, listening to that Station now.Got a Spot playing 60s Soul(This coming Saturday),at the Live Injection Do.If you are in the East End,come along to the Stags Head,55,Orsman Road,N.1.Quality Reggae is always spun.
I have finally come back on-line(after a week off-through moving).Nearly as bad as the old days !!!!
I never had a problem in Desmond`s Hip Record Centre in Brixton.On ly one time did somebody get funny but trhe Guy behind the Counter told him to behave.I was a regular there.
The Shed being split into two.Happened a lot,when the other London Firms went there.
First things you notice,about these old Films is :- There are not too many Cars on the Road. They are driving in their proper Lanes-unlike the idiots of today.
The Penny Collars were smaller as stated.The 60s verson of those Collars(Clapton is wearing)could come half-way your Chest.This was when it went all silly.
I would just like to add my tuppence worth:-There were two different variations of Jamaican spun during the 60s/early 70s.You would not get the Skinhead Reggae-Return of Django,The Liquidator etc.,played because they were classed as Pop by the Jamaican Club Djs.You went to the Clubs to hear the authentic Ska,Rocksteady and Early Ska.Today you are hearing more of those Sounds that were in the Clubs then-but also ones that were put on B Sides(that would not have been played...
New Posts  All Forums: