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Where`s Buttons when you need him..........
I see we have been airbrushed totally out of History now,along with the Original Mods.Channel 4 has "Street Style And Sound" and it explores(I quote) "The various sounds and styles on Britains Streets through the ages are celebrated in this music and fashion series".Episode 1,The first Programme explores mods,ska scene,skinheads and the scooter boys of the 80s. WTF,how is that exploring Music and Fashion through the Ages,you lazy journalist bstards?You have only gone back...
I will have a look,sounds interesting.
Welcome notyraverage,to the Forum.
We will beg to differ on this M-o-M.I do not like arty - farty Films end of.
Have you been to "Live Injection",flyfronted? If not, its in The Stag,Orsman Road,Hoxton(just off the Kingsland Road).Good Reggae Do - next one 15th August.8pm start.Free to get in as well.
Liked the Pictures,did not like the jumping back and forth.Too much personal prejudice,for my liking.A properly made Historic Film of London was all that was needed.
Yep,on the List.
Thanks yankmod,good little Piece.One question - was it fashionable for the Fellas to wear their Trousers a size smaller so that it was tight around the Crutch(and with the Pockets sticking out).
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