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Great Photo.
Excellent Playlists.
Here you are Sirryacus:-It was a Sunday night,the Plaza-Guildford was filling up(so it must have been about 9/9:30pm).There were People milling about outside waiting to come in.We were inside getting ourselves positioned in our favourite corner-always on the front, right as you looked at the Stage.The "A"Train Disco was warming up.There had been no "Aggro" lately so everybody was chatting to each other,even the Doormen were walking around talking.This all came to an...
Have written before about the battle we had,with the Windsor Chapter-over 2 weekends.They did not come back........
Steve Barrow is an interesting person to read about.When he was talking about the various Clubs etc.(he is about a couple of years older than me).my mind went back..:)I am reading through "The Rough Guide To Reggae" by him and Peter Dalton.He certainly knows his stuff.
To think that the number of Clubs,Coffee Bars etc that were about.I think that is a dismal showing.
Basically,that is what my original Post about London,was about.To think that from small Clubs and Coffee Bars(around Soho).I can only speak about London at this time.A whole new way of life started up.The biggest kick you could get,before the Teds came along,was spend the Weekends doing what your Parents did-dressing the same way etc.To a 16/17 year old getting ready to go "UpWest" was exciting.Meeting up with your Friends(or go solo like I did sometimes)and spending time...
I agree with going too Political .I have only to look at Tower Hamlets to see what has gone wrong.
Those places are called "No Go Areas" over here-the Police go nowhere near them
Used to love watching "Dev" play,a true magician down either wing.Pity we have no one of his ilk now.
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