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That's good M-o-M......
I see the Solatio Gibsons have been remade and have gone on sale again.I will not be buying them this time around though.
Indeed,the more worn in the better.I have already said that I used Leather Patches - especially as we had a Tannery not too far from where I lived.Also the odd knackered Levis came in useful.What I did see once was someone who had patched his Jeans with another Make.To say he had the p*ss taken out of him would be an understatement.He changed it.....
I am not saying anything............
But Bedford? Come on, you can spit there from Potters Bar! [/quote] I never went further than Watford, so somewhere that is nearly 60 miles from London could be on the other side of the Moon in `69.
I am waiting to see the Second Edition of "Sawdust Caesers" by Tony Beesley.It is coming out soon - I want to see if there have been many changes.
No problem roytonboy,glad you enjoyed it. Around `64/`65 there was the Madras Check Jacket which was "Summer Weight",John Simons had these in "The Ivy Shop" in Richmond.I got mine when I saved up my Wages - from my Father`s Butcher Shop plus a top up. See Pictures of the Small Faces with Jimmy Winston(I think Jimmy is maybe wearing a Seersucker Jacket in a plain Colour).I remember Blue Stripe ones.
That is interesting about the Levi Jacket,M-o-M.After seeing "Skinhead Moonstomp"Album Cover,I always associated the Top Button on the Jean Jacket as a Northern Thing.The Skinhead sitting on the Barrel has his done up the way I used to - Top and maybe one or two from the Bottom undone.
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