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Why is there a large gap after my Comments ??
White Boiler Suits at West Ham,worn by the Mile End( `70 ish).
That is why A&E,you got "No Work Clothes`" Signs up in City Pubs. Remember seeing them ??
Interesting Bit about Bulent Boo Mehmet.The Dj he mentions is Froggy,now I used to go to most of his Dos in East London.He was the Dj who built his own Sound System at the age of 15(I believe).He was also instrumental in getting the Dj Friendly 12" made and started doing Remixing.The Clubs he mentioned always got good Crowds.I knew some of them.Colin Parnell who is mentioned, in the Article, does Radio Spots on the same Station as me.
But that is a fallacy that Djs from London and the Home Counties never made it the North.They did.There was a very strong Jazz/Funk Scene in the Northern Cities.I have a Book called "The Family" that shows Photos of All-Dayers in the North(they also had these around the Country).The Djs were called The Soul Mafia and in the 70s they were commanding nearly £300 for a Session(and getting it).There would be Coach loads of "Tribes" going from the South and likewise in...
I love these Sketches,are there any Books may have them in?
Yes,well put M-o-M.
The problem is M-o-M,you certain Djs that build themselves up(very large Egos).In the Programme you had Levine going on about how he used to go to America and check out the New York Discos etc - for the music at the Highland Room.He was treading a well worn path to New York.I was never a Fan of Hi NRG but there were plenty of Gay Club Djs here that had the Music.Levine was a regular visitor to Contempo Records in London - not quite as exotic as the States eh?Looking at...
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