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I am waiting to see the Second Edition of "Sawdust Caesers" by Tony Beesley.It is coming out soon - I want to see if there have been many changes.
No problem roytonboy,glad you enjoyed it. Around `64/`65 there was the Madras Check Jacket which was "Summer Weight",John Simons had these in "The Ivy Shop" in Richmond.I got mine when I saved up my Wages - from my Father`s Butcher Shop plus a top up. See Pictures of the Small Faces with Jimmy Winston(I think Jimmy is maybe wearing a Seersucker Jacket in a plain Colour).I remember Blue Stripe ones.
That is interesting about the Levi Jacket,M-o-M.After seeing "Skinhead Moonstomp"Album Cover,I always associated the Top Button on the Jean Jacket as a Northern Thing.The Skinhead sitting on the Barrel has his done up the way I used to - Top and maybe one or two from the Bottom undone.
Good Luck to him...if I was wearing some of the Skinhead Stuff,I would probably look like that.I wonder if somebody would take a Picture pf me......
Speaking for myself....I wore my Top Button done up if I was wearing Fred Perry in the Mod Days,along with my middle Button done up - if I was wearing just a shirt.Later(say `67)I would do up the top 2 Buttons of my Jacket(with or without a Tie).This would set off the longer Centre Vent of your Jacket.If it looked stretched,the Jacket was a bit small for you. As far as I know Mods did not totally go for the "Ivy Look",there were some things I did not like about it.The...
Better than a lot of them.....
I had a similar "Cut" around the late 70s/early 80s.But the one he is shown cutting was more "Squaddie" than Skinhead.If he had given someone that Style - he would had been "advised" otherwise.
Personally speaking I would say no.It was shorter at the top(around `67/`68)then mostly one Cut later.
skinny legs,I loved Greenwich Market(had a Stall there after returning from Cyprus).There was so much stuff there - if you looked hard enough.A brilliant Ska/Rocksteady/Early Reggae Stall just down from my Pitch.Great Fella running it as well.
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