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Interesting Stories etc.,but lets keep Politics out.
Interesting about the Check Trousers(Ruperts ?)on the fella-left hand side.I remember them but I am sure they were not called "Ruperts" then.
Good find Clouseau.
I have just done a Quiz on the Beatles(12 Questions)I got 8 out of the 12.I never liked the bleeding Beatles in the first place......
Hello Soul Vision,welcome to the Forum.
Charles was very smart-did not like his Records though.....
This is an interesting Pic.As you can see,by `70 the older Boys were growing their Hair longer again.I had a Girlfriend(about that date)who had her Hair cut that short-not too many were about though.
If I can recall ,there was a Purpley/Blue Check done by Ben Sherman-this came out late `69.My Eldest Sister gave myself and my younger Sister a Purple Jumper each(Christmas `69).My Mum ended up wearing them-would not be seen dead in them.Sorry Sis.....
You little smoothy,M-o-M.If I had done that,it would have been a right hander....
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