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You can still recognise ex Skinheads our age.Its the walk,and the swagger.
Good looking Shirt-would be interested in other Colours.
I am 18 1/2" Neck.52"Chest.Sleeves are about 33"ish.42" Waist with 32" Leg.
Sounds good.Would you be able to cater for someone who left their Youthful Sizes many,many years ago(AKA A Fat Bastard),Ivyskin89?
A sensible Colour Scheme.....methinks
Unlike now,you had Haberdashery Shops in most High Streets.My Mum was always buying stuff from them.I wonder how many Mums have got a Sewing Box now,in this throwaway Society?You could buy black cotton material that could be ironed onto T-Shirts etc.Electrical Tape was expensive and not widely bought(only in Trade Shops),so the average Teenager would not have got it - and it did not last long in a hot Club.
Probably,as the "Look" became more fashionable.Originally it was done with Black Tape ironed on.There are also stories of Chef Jackets(White) being dyed different Colours.This was a little before my time.
Good Photo.In "Mods - A New Religion",those College Style T-Shirts started off handmade.Seems there was quite a variety on the Theme.
Very smart-the both of you.
Looking well,the both of you.
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