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Very smart Dressers in the Photo,Clouseau
Styleforum,what is all this crap on the side and above the Forum.I don't buy into "Black Friday" so I sure to hell not going in for "Cyber Monday".Its greed,end of !!!!
I`m a retro,vintage antique object-well it made me laugh for a couple of seconds.....
What also is interesting about the Fellas in the Suits Photo,is Bottles and Glass Pint Glasses.Because of the increased violence in Danchalls,most were changing over to Plastic-plus no Bottles were handed out.Certainly not in the Dancehalls I went to.
The Picture of the Suits are probably from `71/`72.The one with the Beige 3 Piece has Oxford Bag Style Trousers.
Bella Emberg and Queenie Watts two of the best-what Women Comediennes have we now( apart from those two twats on "The Great British Bake Off") ???
Saw Anita Harris on Lorraine yesterday"Monday" and she still looked good.Could not stand her Records though !!
I used to like Susan Maughan,now she was a Looker !!
Good little Clip.
Glad to be of service Mate.....
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