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I would put the Trojans - but that came later(or earlier,if you get my drift).
I wore a 3 Button(Brass) Navy Blue Blazer with a Centre Vent and Patch Style Pockets - this would be `70.I never wore it with Football Badge(I never wore anything with Badges etc.,on).I hope this is of some use to you "londonspykid".Good to have you onhere.
Whoops doubled up there ....
Maybe you could put them up Inks(if poss.).Always interested in the very early Photos
Keith Moon was even smaller.
Always love seeing Small Faces Pictures.The Leather Coat(a favourite Mod item of mine),a Suede Jacket and the Crombie.
That the Style Gabriela-if I remember rightly,a lot of Hairspray was used There was the "Merchant Banker"Look-I am not talking Cockney Slang here...,where the early Mods went the whole hog and wore Bowler Hats and carried neatly pressed Newspapers.
Always love seeing Women in Suits(this goes back to this time).They were certainly very smart and Feminine.The other style of Hair was Brushed Back style with side bits(this would be about `70).If you watch "Soulboys,Suedeheads and Skinheads" you will see a couple of Girls with this Style.
I cannot remember wearing a cut-away collared shirt,with a 3 button suit.About `72,I had one with a Diamond Pattern Check in it.Throughout the early 70s the Collar Shapes changed from Penny,Long,Short(cutaway),you also had a kind of Pullover Shirts-mine had hunchback Cats on it.
This was the original "Smooths" Look,just before the Patterned Shirts kicked in.I wish I could find the original Photo of a Guy from Stepney(late `70)-he had Shoulder Length Hair with Mohair Trousers-with 1/2 Turn-up and Royal Smooths.When they show "Smooths" it is later when the Look had moved further on.
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