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Glad to see the"Tone" has not lowered on this Forum
Its funny,a Girlfriend at that time did borrow my Shirts,to wear out.She liked them because they were baggierGood Photos Clouseau.Its funny,you always had the ones that stuck their noses-saying something is rubbish-and yet they were with you 2 months earlier in the same Record Shop/Clothes Shop.Vocal "One Upmanship" was very rife in say `70(the year of change).
.He was called up the same as thousands of others(they did not really have a choice.Oh! yes there were a lot that did not go(besides C.Os)but that was nothing to do with Politics-more to do with greed(Black Market Spivs etc).They went AWOL and never returned.Enough of this Politics crap!!
It is interesting how Companies were still doing Business with Hitler`s Germany=even after Poland.I have a Book somewhere that lists them.A few were 2Household Names".
It has only come to light lately that my Father was POW(towards the end of the War)in a Japanese Camp.My eldest Sister said that when he came home,he was a walking Skeleton.He never spoke about the War and he would only watch the Cenotaph Service to honour his younger Brother-who was killed in Burma.
I shall be watching the D-Day Memorial,remembering my Dad.He was there with the Royal Navy taking the Boys onto the Beach at Arromanches-he was on a "LCH".RIP to him and to the ones that never came back.
They are looking for Accommodation-used to get the Ads in the Pages they are looking.
I think you will find,the Gentleman in the forefront(holding the Newspaper) has been the Ring or maybe Armed Forces.No walkover there.
Great Photo.
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