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Dutch Television for you-not a bloody clue !!!!!
I saw a few pictures of guys with cropped hair and shaved part and I was wondering how common it was in the original days? I usually do a #1 or 2 all over but since my hair clipper died on me, I’m thinking about hitting the barbershop and maybe get the part done but I’d like to hear from you guys before I decide on how and where. [/quote] It was fairly common where I was.I had a No.2 with the razor parting-none of my Mates had it right "down to the wood",but there were...
Good memories from him.There is also good memories regarding the Clubs they played,when they were starting up.Liked Steve Ellis.
I was working very early mornings(4am)in the Wholesale Butchers,so I missed "On The Move".
"Thick As Thieves" TV Comedy Series.(about `74)."Mona Lisa""Long Good Friday"These were best(to me)British Films he was in(and TV)before he went Global.
Met Bob Hoskins when he came through the City Airport.He introduced his Family and stayed chatting to myself and a Workmate(his Flight was delayed).He was a Gentleman and a true Professional.R.I.P. Sir.
Very smart.
The Photo of the Mod from Manchester reminded me of (about `64/`65)when Mods wore a variation of the City Gent.The Pocket Watch and Albert Chain looked very smart.
The Photo would have been good,but most of the Clothes that he wore-for the Photoshoot-were borrowed from his Mates.Hence the reason why some of the Clothes looked big.
Hello Tom OConnor welcome to the Forum.
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