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Unlike now,you had Haberdashery Shops in most High Streets.My Mum was always buying stuff from them.I wonder how many Mums have got a Sewing Box now,in this throwaway Society?You could buy black cotton material that could be ironed onto T-Shirts etc.Electrical Tape was expensive and not widely bought(only in Trade Shops),so the average Teenager would not have got it - and it did not last long in a hot Club.
Probably,as the "Look" became more fashionable.Originally it was done with Black Tape ironed on.There are also stories of Chef Jackets(White) being dyed different Colours.This was a little before my time.
Good Photo.In "Mods - A New Religion",those College Style T-Shirts started off handmade.Seems there was quite a variety on the Theme.
Very smart-the both of you.
Looking well,the both of you.
I have dealt with that Company before(Silk Scarves etc.),seems to be alright.Have not lately though.....
Loved it........
Both of these are very smart.....
I have learnt two things since I have started reading "Mods - The New Religion"(that's only up to Page 13).It concerns the roots of Mod. Firstly,I thought that the Teddy Boys carried on from the Edwardian Look.No it did not.The two Factions actually fought against each other-in the very early 50s.The Edwardians considered themselves smarter then the Teddy Boy.Strains of Mods and Rockers here. Secondly,a short Film is mentioned called "Momma Don`t Allow".It shows the...
Can`t say that I have,but I am going to the Reggae Weekender(3 weeks time in,Nottingham)so I will be sure to see them then.I like the Brown ones.I suppose the Prices that Mikkel Rude are showing-are on par to what The Squire Shop would have charged,in the 60s.
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