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Nope, I don`t,I asked my Sister and she cannot recollect it either.Mind you ,by then,anything remotely connected with "Skinhead" I ignored-the journalists were just feeling around to increase Sales.
How I look at it M-o-M,it shows a Skinhead in a non-aggressive Attitude(just asking why ??), and is slap bang in the timescale 1969.
This would be a great Cover for the Book,if Permission was granted.
Welcome Jukebox Dury.
Somebody is selling the DVD for a Fiver,on Facebook.Says it all really.
John Holt was certainly a Legend.RIP Sir.
Maybe "Cherry Reds".
Excellent Photo Roy.Shows the two Styles of `68(as seen in previous Photos-many,many pages back).
I actually enjoyed the Music(and the Cars) as well,M-o-M.What is online though (which I never saw in the shop) is this clean looking Flyfront Mac.One of the best examples I have seen,as far as being identical to what I had all those years ago.Noticeably free of the cuff button straps or any other superfluous decoration.[/quote]My Navy Raincoat in the 60s resembled the Spencer Raincoat(without the Buttons on the Pockets).The Collar was not as wide spread as the above...
The American Servicemen going to Soho and in to Clubs like The Flamingo,really opened up the Style and the Music.I have said before that Airmen would take the latest Albums and 45s down-for the Djs to play.There was a large Import Shop right by their Airforce Base(in West London).They were also responsible for getting Clubs like the Flamingo to hold All Nighters.
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