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Reminds me of the " Bonnie and Clyde" Look,spoken about earlier in this Forum.
Good Evening Mr.Knightley......
Skinheads from what I know where not good "National Service" Types.Ok you had certain rules(within your own lot)but as for discipline - no way.We hated Authority,we hated anything that represented the Establishment.Don`t forget,the whole Mod thing was to set yourself apart from what was considered "the norm".Patriotism was not part of it -we never thought about Politics until the Vietnam War thing,but that was only to beat up the Hippies.The only time there was something...
My Dad never talked about the War.He had lost a younger Brother - it also came to light recently,he was captured by the Japanese.I watch all War Films with a very large "Pinch Of Salt".
My younger Sister wore Braces,when She came around with us.Always liked Braces on Girls - for obvious reasons......
Are you staying over the Weekend ??
There would be Mods fighting Mods(when Rockers were not about) and these were not "staged".Old Scores would be settled and sometimes the fights would get a little vicious.
I never read those Mags,M-o-M ......Nice little Pic though.
Soca (known as the Soul of Calypso)became popular in the 70s.I bought Tapes of it.You could hear it all around Notting Hill Carnival - I don`t know now,as I have not been for years.
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