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Nice one Ed.I would do a pretty reasonable "Radio Show" about London,if I had the financial clout and the numerous "researchers" he has.
Beautiful !!!!
Ah!Robert Elms again.A Skinhead expert at 10 years old(born in `59).He knows everything about the Mile End and the Bethnal Green Boys-even though he lived in Burnt Oak and was born in Hendon.I would never say I knew what went on in North London because I never went there.But that is the difference,every thing that is put up in the Subject he is there with his"expert" opinion.He was not there! He only watched his older Brothers and their Mates dressing up_no problem with...
It keeps coming up though-this Subject.Maybe its because the newbies have not read back on our "War and Peace" yet.....
Lovely looking Lady....They always seem to "age" better than us.......
There was no such description as a "Hard Mod" during the 60s.Just another heading made up by the Media-later on(way after the event,as per usual).
Glad to see the"Tone" has not lowered on this Forum
Its funny,a Girlfriend at that time did borrow my Shirts,to wear out.She liked them because they were baggierGood Photos Clouseau.Its funny,you always had the ones that stuck their noses-saying something is rubbish-and yet they were with you 2 months earlier in the same Record Shop/Clothes Shop.Vocal "One Upmanship" was very rife in say `70(the year of change).
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