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I would have said the same M-o-m,but when I looked at the fuzzy photo from 1967(inside "The History Of The Twisted Wheel")I thought different.There,in Manchester were a group of Mods who had the same "Look" and some of them had a No.4-as I did in `67.It was uncanny.I have always stated that,in `67,a tidal wave hit right across Britain and the "Look" that ended up being Skinhead-was born then.
Thanks Mr Knightley.good to see yourself and your Lady Wife last night.Hope you had a good journey home !!
That is the same with all manmade materials,with me.I remember my Mum bought some Bri-Nylon Shirts(when I was at School),I nearly climbed the walls ......
Trevira was alright.I had a Beige D/B in the 70s-lasted a long time.
Welcome bohs ger to this Site.
Yes Mike,Holy Grail time !!!!!
I do not know if M-o-M chased up the picture on Facebook(I told him about it a few weeks ago),but it is the only Photo I have seen of the original Royal Gibsons.The Guy had bought them and put the picture up.Lasttye you would know him.
Yes I did-when I went to JM Weston`s own Website.
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