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The image in the Window is of a Tourist,out for the day in Carnaby Street.The "Look" is certainly of the sporty set.
Looks like a Tourist to me.Certainly older than the Clientele that went to the Boutiques.
Looks like a Tourist to me.Certainly older than the People who frequented Carnaby Street.....
I will be honest with you Bob the Badger,this is why I(and if I can remember correctly)and none of the older Skins wore Badges on Blazers-it reminded us of School.As I have said before,there was one person who did,but he played Professional Football for Luton Town.He looked very smart as well.The Sunglasses I had were twin bar Polaroids,the Style Inks has purchased are more earlier 60s(very smart though)and normally were associated with West/East Germans.
Got some nice Threads,the only problem is nothing my Size.
Thanks Bunty.
Nice Memory,Mr.Knightley.I see someone is calling for all Photos of the late 60s(Ballroom Blitz)covering the period we are.It is all about Mods-there is a photo of the Book Jacket up already.
Sorry I cannot bring it over,but anybody interested in all Leather Brogues(Black) go to the Mod Clothing and see some for £49.00(I kid you not).Look pretty tidy to me-old British Brogue Style,only in a few sizes only. I am not on commission ......
Harry Fenton only sold single vent Blazers.I did not really get into double vents until later.
Now,I am not talking to you........Good looking Jacket M-o-M.
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