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I like the way the Shirt opens,to show off the Cravat.I might invest.
It is true what Mr.Knightley wrote,but I would say this was the way Mods(from the early days),would get ideas from the different influences.I mean one quick phase was to dress up French(including the Beret),smoke French Cigarettes,go to French sounding Coffee Bars that were springing up all over Soho,have Le Figaro under your arm -and have a string of Onions over the Handlebars(I kid you not). What happened to Invention ???
When you get the ones(say 20/21/22 in `69)they would most certainly refer to themselves as Mods.They did not have the Crop,side parting etc was the norm..,and they only wore Boots to work.When I was 19 this was the way forward for me.Yankmod,I thought Brooks Brothers introduced the B.D.to the American Public,in 1895.John E.Brooks saw how the British Polo Players pinned down their collars,so he went back to the States and invented the Button Down Shirt.I have often wondered...
What to me is ironic, is the fact that some of what we perceived as American Ivy was in actual fact either originally produced over here or known for their "Englishness".Royal Brogues were either known as "Longwings" or "English" Brogue- in America.Simons sold us the idea that we were buying "American Classics" in the Ivy Shop,hence the name,it was advertised as such(originally).The B.D. was certainly an American invention.but some Shirts were produced over here,in East...
Whoops,Computer having a mind of its own again !!!!!
The image in the Window is of a Tourist,out for the day in Carnaby Street.The "Look" is certainly of the sporty set.
Looks like a Tourist to me.Certainly older than the Clientele that went to the Boutiques.
Looks like a Tourist to me.Certainly older than the People who frequented Carnaby Street.....
I will be honest with you Bob the Badger,this is why I(and if I can remember correctly)and none of the older Skins wore Badges on Blazers-it reminded us of School.As I have said before,there was one person who did,but he played Professional Football for Luton Town.He looked very smart as well.The Sunglasses I had were twin bar Polaroids,the Style Inks has purchased are more earlier 60s(very smart though)and normally were associated with West/East Germans.
Got some nice Threads,the only problem is nothing my Size.
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