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Very smart.
The Photo of the Mod from Manchester reminded me of (about `64/`65)when Mods wore a variation of the City Gent.The Pocket Watch and Albert Chain looked very smart.
The Photo would have been good,but most of the Clothes that he wore-for the Photoshoot-were borrowed from his Mates.Hence the reason why some of the Clothes looked big.
Hello Tom OConnor welcome to the Forum.
Exactly Kingstonian.
One of my all time favourites,alongside "Landlords And Tenants"-Laurel Aitken and "At The Dark End Of The Street" by Pat Kelly.Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!
Halfway through my Set,two Djs played a British R&B Set in the Lounge.You had more common names spun then-The Rolling Stones,The Who,Long John Baldry etc.,etc.The only problem is you move and you will lose your seats or stand in a crowded Bar.This was the first time it was on,and going by the reaction it is permanent.
I didn't really comment on the music played at the Ad-Lib club, but much of it (not browniecj's) fell into your last two categories. Some of it was very obscure (to me) but it didn't really spoil my enjoyment - although Mrs Knightley took brownie to task for not playing / getting the other DJs to play some more familiar sounds. I suppose I was expecting some from Randy Cozens mod 100 and perhaps the odd bit of Stax / Atlantic / Motown. I think Roy has mentioned before...
Well done.I think the old part of Lincoln is worth a visit-the only problem is,it`s up a steep hill.
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