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All the Clubs were hot,dark and dingy and I bloody loved them.......
Nothing of the sort., Mods on Hastings Front in 1964
The Tunes I was buying in 1970 was James Brown,the emerging Funk Records etc.Marvin Gaye,Four Tops were the only Motown(by now a lot of imported 45s were coming in on Motown,Soul and other Subsidiaries out of Detroit),I bought.I never bought Monkey Spanner or Double Barrel etc.,as I thought the best Reggae had come out before and it was losing it`s way.I did not buy Rock Albums as one or two of my Mates had them,so they would bring them around.
Went to The Angel today and saw loads of Teenagers walking around in Clothing, similar to those Teenagers in the Photo(50 years on).In `78/`79,I was working in the Clubs.Some of the Soul Boys went towards Punk(the ones that had worn Mohair Jumpers and Plastic Sandals etc,).As mentioned before they were looking for something different.The vast majority went deeper into the Jazz side of Jazz/Funk and went to Clubs like the Lacy Lady,Room At The Top and others.I was going to...
Are you down Live Injection on the 27th of June,Tom ???
Always liked the Check Suit that Chris Stamp wore.
Little Queenie and M-o-M
Lucky Man !!
The one on the Right is Glenn Field,from Lincoln.He runs the Ad-Lib Club there(a fine Night it is as well).The others are both from Lincoln as well.
I would like the bottom Photo repeated more times.Sorry,I will go back and sit in my Corner.........
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