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Not good at transferring over,but try "The House Of Names".Here it has the origins,the various spellings etc.,etc.Enjoy
.Good book Clouseau.Ancestors on my Fathers side belonged to the Findlay Clan.My Grandmother came from Co.Dublin where her name had been anglisiced to Finloe.I am still looking into when they were cleared out of the Highlands-was it after the Jacobite Uprising or was it tomake room for Sheep.That is how a lot of Highland Scottish ended up in Ireland.I will now go back on track......
The Tartan was in actual fact about nearly 3000 years ago M-o-M.They have found mummies who are wearing "Tartan like Cloth" but in the north end of China.The Mummies were Caucasian in appearance-with Blond Hair etc.The Scots,Irish,Welsh and Bretons belong to the Indo-European Descendants A another line was Tokharian next to the Celtic.I know I have gone off the Subject but I wanted to show that the English may have worn the Cloth-but they did not invent it......
The English word Tartan is either derived from the French word Tiretain which means "Woven Cloth"or the IrishScots words Tuar and Tan-meaning Colour and District.
According to "Central 1179",the Blackpool Twisted Wheel was in 71, Coronation Street,Blackpool.
I have often tried to wrack my Brain(what little use it gets)and remember where I bought my first pair of Levis.Somebody has been writing about his "Teenage Experiences" and said that the only place you could get them originally ,was Millets.In those days Millets were responsible of getting stuff that we would eventually buy as Mods/Skinheads.Look at them now.
Have just listened to the Eyes on youtube.Not bad at all.In `65/`66 I would certainly have listened to them more-if I had known about them.
They remind me of the Troggs,for some reason.
Twiggy looked alright in her Dress,but the Eyes????One of those Groups that came-then went.Bit like the "Boy Bands" of today.
No,the same as you on the Rugby Shirt M-o-M.Always liked open weave FPs.Managed to get a Tootal one-a few years ago.
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