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Spoken like a true Frenchman........
It was a Navy Blue Bomber Jacket not a Flight Jacket.
Saw The Small Faces a few times "Live",but it became impossible to hear them so I stopped going.....
What I meant was,it was written by an ex uni graduate from the 80s -Oppression and Unemployment etc.I never felt oppressed nor did any of my Jamaican Mates.Just out to have a good time.I went to Jamaican Clubs etc.,but never got that feeling anywhere.Later(in the 70s) yes there was but I was not into "Roots".I cannot speak for the North but Employment was plentiful where I was - I thought the Ship Builders were still there, on Tyneside etc.in the 60s.
Fear of being called a Dirty Old Man(which I am),they were the Highlights....Stirring the Pot,M-o-M.....
Damn I am.........80s Stylee !!! Oppressed WTF !!!
I will have a listen to this.I have met and quite like Eddie Pillar.
You are exactly right.The very start of Carnaby Street was sheer genius.A run-down Backstreet(where nobody really went),Rents were nearly give-away,for London anyway.People setting up with a few Bits and most of their money riding on the Venture.Some Boutique Owners made and lost Fortunes during it`s time.For me,the best time was `64 until `66.
Another Crass Statement .The present Owner of the 100 Club,Oxford Street,stated on a B.B.C. Programme today(where else) that in London and Britain were no changes since the 1940s - until Punk came along.It was a Section regarding Punk Music.What a Dickhead.Punk was just another Street Fashion which came behind Teddy Boys,Mods,Skinheads etc.Punk never really changed anything,just another Fashion that Collectors pay high prices for, in memorabilia.
There was a Fashion for the Shirt Collar come up under the Chin -normally 2/3 Buttons to the Collar.Interesting to see that the Photo of the Small Faces was put at 1967.According to " Quite Naturally The Small Faces" there is a series of these Photos that were taken June 1966(of which this is one of).I remember the Satin Shirts coming out at that time,because I had a Purple one,yep I copied Steve...Ps It is interesting that in the same block of Photos,the boys wear each...
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