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I loved Trilbies(still do).Had one for ages,then sold it to a Mate who wore it even longer.
Like the Photo...more please Soulcharger.
Flight Bags,blimey you were posh M-o-M.Only saw them on Adverts or Air Hostesses......
"I actually liked the semi smart "Look" of a Suit Jacket and Jeans(especially when the Levis had a "Medium Blue" Look about them).You could go to the Pub or other Clubs-but not Dancehalls.
Yep,thats it.
b/ Sounds good roytonboy I turned at Lasttye once,with Levi Jacket and Jeans.The "Look" said it all !!!!!
Not Cord Jackets nor Suede ones-but there were a few Leather Jackets about with 3 Buttons and(if I remember correctly) a Centre Vent.The Suede ones were more Mod.
Saw this Photo earlier(on Facebook),thought is was a good Photo-if not later.
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