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There were Samba Tunes done by - Charlie Rouse - Samba De Orfeu,Herbie Mann - One Note Samba to name a couple, plus Mambo and Bossa Nova Tunes were hits in Mod Clubs.
Going through that Film again,you can see Members of various Groups standing about listening to the Yardbirds.Derv Gordons(Lead Singer with the Equals) and Dave Maggs(Drummer with the Troggs) to name a couple.
Lord Kitchener and Lord Creator(to name a couple) crossed over into the Mod Clubs with their brand of Calypso,in the early to mid 60s.
The Guy in the front captures the time of Carnaby Street.Everywhere you looked you had Fellas dressed like that - and even the Shop Window Dummies had the "Look".Well,for half a day that was.....
A bit of "Light Relief".........
He does not Post on here anymore,M-o-M,but he was one of those who had an older Mod Relative etc., etc., - came from Northampton Area.
Just referring to Ace and Eights info regarding Scooters and Leather Coats in `68.I originally wrote about this Subject many,many Pages ago and was told I was wrong.Good to see my Memory Banks have not totally gone yet.I liked that Period.......
Bloody interesting Piece of Social History,keep that sort coming.I had a pair of the Check Trousers that Guy is wearing(Green with a Beige Check - if I remember correctly)Good version of Neighbour,Neighbour as well.It was just like going back to the Clubs and listening to those Groups playing R&B in the 60s.
You were lucky,mine got broken in two(a true Story by the way,but later in the decades).
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